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Travel Cot Bassinet - Where on earth can I get one??

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LowlLowl Sun 15-Nov-15 21:39:08

Hi all. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but here goes.

When DS1 outgrew his Moses basket at the age of 2 months (a long thin child!) we switched to a travel cot because his proper cot wouldn't fit in our room. This killed my back for a while because it was so far down to put him in (and I'd had a c-section so my abs weren't up to much either). A friend lent me a bassinet insert for the travel cot which was just amazing, and we used that until 6 months when he moved into his own room.

DC2 is on the way, and I suspect I'll need to do the same again. In the meantime, my friend has lent the bassinet insert to someone else who has broken it, so I won't be able to borrow it. I am thereofore trying to find one to buy. This is ridiculously difficult! The closest I can find is one from a shop in Malta (?!) link here which is for a cot of slightly different dimensions to ours. The alternative is to buy a whole new expensive travel cot which comes with an insert - but this seems a bit of a waste of money since we've already got a perfectly serviceable travel cot.

Does anyone have any idea where I could look? My only other option is to buy the Maltese one and hope I can adjust it to fit our cot.

Thanks in advance!

Kaz4755 Mon 16-Nov-15 08:31:44

Hi, the nuna travel cot has a bassinet, perhaps google that and see if it is what you want!

LIZS Mon 16-Nov-15 08:36:31

Toysrus used to do one which was universal fit . Our Graco had one but we never used it.

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