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bad dreams

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Courts10 Thu 12-Nov-15 11:27:36

This is about me. Not my LO, but it affecting me bad!!

A few nights ago I had a dream...

I had taken my DD (15months) for a bath, once she was in the bath I got carried away and started doing other things leaving her unattended in the bath, I had got that carried away that I forgot about her being in the bath. I was sat on the sofa after doing my jobs and I heard the shower running, in panic realising what I had done I ran up stairs, the bathroom light was now off but the shower was running over my dead daughter who had either drown in the bath or strangled herself on the light/shower cord. I remember looking for marks in my dreams but couldn't see anything. As I picked her up she was rock hard but still warm. I wrapped her in a towel and took her to my bedroom where I could fall asleep with her one last time before I called for help.

I know it's only a dream but it has really got in my head I have struggled to sleep the last couple of nights, I find myself more protective round her to the point I wouldn't even bath her last night.

Can anymore tell me what my dream could mean, I've searched Google but not coming up with the goods


saranga Sat 14-Nov-15 21:35:14

Water means emotions. Your DDs death is fear of her death, or fearif a part of her (personality wise) dying
Could be that you are worried about smothering her with your feelings or worrying about not putting her first.

Ocelotsmama Mon 16-Nov-15 21:01:59

That is a heartbreaking dream, I am so sorry. No wonder it has you shaken. Sometimes I think we just have dreams as a way of working through our worst fears. I have had some horrible dreams since my daughter was born all around wanting to protect her or not be able to or not having protected her enough. I've just put them down to stress and fear because with loving something so much comes the terror of loosing it and a huge sense of responsibility. I see an analytical psychologist for completely unrelated stuff once a week and we often talk about dreams. They can work on many levels at once but I have learnt interpreting them is intensely personal and any interpretation that doesn't ring true to you you should pay no heed to. That said your daughter could absolutely represent herself or you or an aspect of your life or personality (or all simultaneously) and it sounds like there might be some guilt or worry about balancing aspects of your life or psyche. I know that is in the most general terms but I don't want to suggest anything too concrete because I don't know you at all and you would know better than anyone. I would just say not to worry about it because dreams are about processing emotions, if you are trying to balance things in your life a dream doesn't mean that you're doing anything wrong but may just be expressing that you're worried you are or might. If that makes sense. Anyway, thats just what I think. And I wanted to write even though it was a few days ago because it must have been very upsetting and it sounds like it was very vivid. Hope you're feeling better.

MissTwister Wed 18-Nov-15 17:57:29

I've had the dead daughter in the bath dream...exactly the same I forgot about her and rushed in and she was dead. It was horrific.

Just an anxiety dream though, nothing more

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