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8 week old now wanting to co sleep

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RachelF87 Tue 10-Nov-15 12:48:23

Hi everyone, my 8 week old baby boy has now gone into his cot in our room after outgrowing his Moses basket. His routine is bath/bottle/bed at 10 sleeping through to about 5, but has started to stir between 1-2. He doesn't fully wake up but fidgets with his eyes closed. We tried giving him a dummy to soothe him back to sleep but found he actual only settles once he is picked up. We then one night put him in our bed after a tiring few hours and realised he wanted to be close to us. When putting him to sleep at 10 we just cuddle with a dummy and he falls straight asleep. He also falls asleep easily on his own in the day.

Now we really don't want to co sleep do was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to keep his settled if he does wake in the night?

All help appreciated grin

FATEdestiny Wed 11-Nov-15 14:50:07

Take one side off the cot.

Most cots are flat pack so removing one side is quite easy using an allen key.

Butt the cot up to your bed (I used to have cot pushed against the wall, then my bed the other side - this stops the cot being pushed away from the bed and making a gap). Make the mattress heights match.

Rolled up towel (or swimming 'noodle') in the mattress gap makes a sight barrier between you and baby, dividing the space. But easy to lean over and into the cot when baby wants a cuddle. But means that when the cuddle has worked and baby settled, you can easily extract yourself leaving baby in his own space in his own cot.

Baby might want feeding at that 1-2am wake up. Sleep progression in babies is not linear. Just because he didn't used to need a feed at that point doesn't mean he wont in the future.

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