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Wide awake at night

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BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 06:10:01

I seem to always be on this board at the mo but I have another question, sorry!

DS is 5 months and tends to wake up wide awake around 3am. Today he was awake 3-5am and is now asleep on me as I'm scared to put him down (did so at about 3:30 but he woke up as soon as I got back in bed and dozed off).

He starts off happily babbling away but then soon gets upset and wants rocking. He was screaming the house down so I eventually fed him (even though he was last fed at 1) and gave him calpol (which I don't want to rely on). Everyone in RL inc the GP says he shouldn't need night feeds anymore, but everything I read online says night feeds are normal. Anyway I don't mind that, they're not the issue really.

Last night I took him into the spare bed with me, dozed (told myself I was 'modelling good behaviour' grin) and let him get on with it, and he eventually fell asleep. Don't want to go back to cosleeping though really so don't want that to become a habit.

Tonight he went to sleep at 7:15 by himself in his cot, with just my hand on his tummy, which is totally amazing and unheard of, and then didn't wake up until 1, so he totally lulled me into a false sense of security. That was the best bedtime we've ever had.

He keeps stirring and thrashing around on me and opening his eyes in his sleep.

I wonder what would be causing this and what to do about it? He is teething, 2 teeth but they've both come through the gums now. Have read of few similar threads on here and other sites but all either about newborns or 12 months +.

Aaaaaand now DH is up for the day, and me and DS normally get up at 6:30 anyway, so I guess that's that.

BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 06:12:11

Ok he's awake and laughing at me grin


BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 06:28:23

Oh DH has just informed me he was up at 11 and 12 too.

So that's bed at 7, awake at 11, 12, 1, 3-5, 6. Brill! hmm

confusedandemployed Tue 10-Nov-15 06:35:10

Are you certain he's not hungry? First thing is ensure that he's nice and full. At 5months we did a dream feed (ff) - but it doesn't work for everyone.

Second - what is his napping pattern? Is he getting enough daytime sleep?

Finally - is a dummy worth a try? Maybe he needs to comfort suck.

BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 06:51:45

Naps are iffy - always has at least 2, usually 3, but inconsistent - sometimes they're a dream, sometimes he has to be rocked. Sometimes they're half an hour, yesterday he had 3x 1.5hr naps!

Might try a dream feed but he usually has at least 2 feeds through the night, like last night. I tried upping his day feeds (he has about 5x 6oz in the day) but he just likes up any more than a 6oz.

Has had a dummy since he was 5 days old. Nowadays he mainly chews it and takes it out to play with it. I sometimes have to hold it in when he is falling asleep.

Thanks for replying!

BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 06:52:22

*pukes up, not likes

3sugarsplease Tue 10-Nov-15 06:57:05

15 week DS went down at 8 - up at 12, 1, 3, 4 and 5... I'm with you.

BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 08:20:17

Ah 3sugars brew cake for us!

BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 08:35:24

1st nap today only 30 mins sad

FATEdestiny Tue 10-Nov-15 12:43:46

I tried upping his day feeds (he has about 5x 6oz in the day) but he just pukes up any more than a 6oz.

Make daytime feeds more frequent, not bigger. At 5 months my DD was having 7oz bottles (not draining them) and had either 7 or 8 bottles per day. Frequent feeds loads calories through the daytime, so that less is needed through the night time.

At 5 month old DD was fed every 2 to 2.5 hours throughout the day, following a 2h/2.5h EASY structure to our day:

Eat (15 mins)
Awake (60 minutes)
Sleep (at least 45 minutes)
You time (when baby sleeps)

BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 14:55:59

Ok thanks again * FATE*, I will try that for the rest of today and tomorrow, see if he can take it. I just wonder why he has this big playtime session in the middle of the night. Will see if it helps - your advice on getting rid of the rocking certainly did!!

BreeVDKamp Tue 10-Nov-15 16:39:04

He last woke up at 12:15 and hasn't slept since sad fucking hell i'm shit at this!!!

FATEdestiny Tue 10-Nov-15 20:54:46

No you aren't. Stop worrying and be kind to yourself flowers

Nothing will change immediately, so lower your expectations on that. It may take a few weeks for changes to become established.

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