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Suggestions..or maybe there isnt any

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HollyC255552 Sat 07-Nov-15 08:36:57

The past 2 weeks my 16 week old DD is stiring lots throughout the night because her dummy has popped out (she's moved over to her crib). So up i get & pop back in she then settles herself again ok but then after a while it happens again & again & again. She doesnt seem to stir from naps during the day when this not sure why this happens at night? Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm getting soooo tired where its constant disruption through the night so if anyone has any tips that would be great. Thanks!

FATEdestiny Sat 07-Nov-15 11:01:19

I mild case of hunger is probably why she is stirring in the night but not during naps.

There is one school of thought that says if you feed when she stirs rather than putting the dummy back in, she'll settle and sleep more deeply. But there is the other school of thought that if you ride through this dummy-reinsertion phase you can use the dummy to teach baby to go through the night without a feed, which is better in the long run.

There's no black and white. You could be willing to feed straight away sometimes when you really want a good nights sleep, but go for dummy reinsertion other times since she is clearly not "that" hungry because if she was she's be crying rather than just stirring.

I used to have a half hour rule. If baby stirred I'd reinsert dummy. If baby stirred again within half an hour I'd feed. If not, next time she stirred I'd reinsert dummy again.

Great way to night wean. Plus it really wont be long until baby can reinsert own dummy (8-9 months old, ish) or won't wake from slight hunger anyway. So this is just a phase that will pass.

In the mean time, why are you actually having to get up? I had baby's cot right next to my bed and just needed to lean an arm over to reinsert dummy, often without even opening my eyes, certainly without sitting up. It's about making life as easy as possible.

HollyC255552 Sat 07-Nov-15 13:24:09

Thanks Fate...i did think it could be what you said above. However when i did get up the other night thinking she was hungry she did only end up having a ounce. I like your half an hour rule though. The reason i have to get up is unfortunately there is no room to fit the crib either side of the bed. Even if moving other furnishings around it still wouldnt fit. I will just have to sit this one out until it passes or she is able to pop her dummy back in herself.

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