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Trip to NZ - baby jetlag?

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cwhite Wed 04-Nov-15 07:09:43

We are going to NZ over Christmas - does anyone have any tips/ experience for getting baby acclimatised to the new time zone? He's currently 6 months old, and will be about 8 months when we get there. Sleeping through the night and generally pretty adaptable. Thank yooou!

Imnotbeverley Wed 04-Nov-15 22:59:20

No advice specifically for NZ, but on the whole babies are fairly adaptable to time zone changes (in my experience). Something to do with their circadian rythym not being as set in stone as adult's are. I have found that getting outdoors and into the light as much as possible helps to reset them to understand when day and night are, also restricting the length of daytime naps.

How long are you going for? Presumably it's a long ish visit so you will have time to gradually adjust him?

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