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Could there actually be something wrong with DS? He has started sleeping...

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ilovetosleep Tue 03-Nov-15 13:08:38

He's 18 months and never slept more than 3 or 4 hours in a row. Usual night wakes every 2 hours and only settles with boob. Last 3 nights he has slept 12 hours straight. I am a little worried he could be ill although he seems perfectly ok. Am I going mad? Could there actually be something wrong? Is it going to last forever?! Please say yes...

ImperialBlether Tue 03-Nov-15 13:10:56

It will last until he's a teenager, when it will increase to 18 hours at weekends.


ilovetosleep Tue 03-Nov-15 19:36:59

I'm actually genuinely worried! Could it be sign of an illness or anything?!

mamapants Tue 03-Nov-15 19:41:10

My bad sleeping DD1 always did this just before an illness. I'd get all excited she was going to sleep through the night finally then she' d be ill, so could be coming down with something or could just have cracked it.

Mummamayhem Tue 03-Nov-15 19:46:54

My nightmare sleeper did the same. If he slept 3 hours it was a luxury then he started sleeping 11-13 hours a night! Heaven! Long may it last!

Queendedede Tue 03-Nov-15 20:05:00

How is he in the day? Eating normally?

ilovetosleep Tue 03-Nov-15 20:34:05

He has been eating normally up until this evening when he refused all dinner. Acting totally normal...

christinarossetti Tue 03-Nov-15 20:36:24

Sounds like a growth spurt to me.

Hopefully, it will kick start longer periods of sleep in general.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 03-Nov-15 20:37:58

My non sleeping toddler does this just before coming down with something. We always get our hopes up then realise she's just picked up another bloody virus!

mummalumma Tue 03-Nov-15 21:49:46

You could speak to your HV but, generally, if he is eating and drinking well, good energy levels, weeing and pooing regularly and no other signs of illness (such as temp/rash/etc) then I don't think your HV will be too concerned. Completely understand your anxiety though, especially when he's gone from frequent waking to 12 hour stretches!! Speak to HV just to put your mind at ease, but otherwise, try to enjoy the uninterrupted chunks of sleep -- bliss!! :-)

ilovetosleep Tue 03-Nov-15 22:16:02

I hope he isn't getting poorly... One thing that has changed is his room temp has gone up to 22 and he's still in pjs, socks and a 2.5 tog bag. Maybe he's overheating!

Footle Tue 03-Nov-15 23:10:54

More likely he wasn't warm enough before !

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