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ateapotandacake Tue 03-Nov-15 03:25:08

Morning sad
It's now 3.10. My lo has been awake since 1. I'm so tired as he never ever sleeps at night for more than 2 hours, but generally it's 1 1/2 max. He seems to have trapped wind. We were using infacol but he burps really well. However when I put him down and he strains and strains and strains and strains until he is crying again. For an hour or even the whole time between feeds. If he trumps he is relieved unless it's been going on a while in which case he's too wound up. If I pick him up when he gets distressed I wind him and 30% of the time get a burp and he settles but the rest of the time he just goes back to straining.
He is now lying on his front on my chest and asleep. But now I can't sleep. All the cot death warnings flash in my mind and I'm scared. We aren't breastfeeding and so the risk is increased (even though I know SIDS is thought to be to do with deep sleeping and an inability to wake which is NOT his problem).
I'm not asking for advice as I don't think there's anything I can do- I know it's normal, he's only 6 weeks.
But I'm going mad. My head hurts from lack of sleep. Proper pounds. And my back is in pieces from not being able to sit up properly in bed with him, and we only have a crappy sofa so that's no better.
It's making me a crappy parent. I just despair and I keep telling him to just Stop Crying and Go The Fuck To Sleep but he can't help it. He's a tiny baby.
My DP is in the spare room as he snores so badly I want to kill him. We had a big row about it a couple of days ago. He takes over at 5 so I can have an uninterrupted 90 mins before he goes to work. Not that it's enough.
I want to nap in the day but I don't see how I can- the bedroom and lounge have very little natural light and I dont see how he will ever learn day and night if he doesn't get some daylight so I put him in his pram in the conservatory (or out the back door if it's nice) during the day when he is sleeping. And he sleeps well during the day. 3-4 hours at a time. It's infuriating. I'm so tired. My back hurts all the time. My head is throbbing. My (TMI) perineum hurts as I had a horrible broken down infected episiotomy and the skin is tight and still healing. I have piles that seem to be getting worse. I feel honestly a bit destroyed.

MinesAPintOfTea Tue 03-Nov-15 03:53:14

Can you go and hand lo to your DP now? Just tell him you need a break and a few uninterrupted hours. 6 weeks is getting close to sleep getting better so hang tight.

And better to cosleep as safely as possible than doze off on the sofa or dip into pnd due to exhaustion.

ScarletBegonia1234 Tue 03-Nov-15 04:03:54

I'm so sorry you feel bad! I had similar issues with my lo and it grinds you down! It is normal however I found that it was wheat in my diet that was causing ds gas and as soon as I cut it out it was so much better. I know you ff but might trying a few different brands help maybe one might sit him better? If he naps well in the daytime I would try and sleep then too.until about 6 weeks ds would only sleep on me but I decided enough was enough and we started napping on the bed in the day. If you aren't comfortable cosleeping what about a bedside cot? Then baby has a safe area they've been perfect for us.

I also had piles they're brutal sad get to the docs and get as much fybogel as they will give you and take it every day it saved my sanity. I don't know if any of this will be helpful but you are doing really well....I think it all started to get easier around 10 weeks and I'm sure it will for you too.

mummalumma Tue 03-Nov-15 22:52:36

Coilc?? Reflux? Silent reflux?

We recently experienced colic with our DD -- not fun at all. I am BFing and I ended up cutting our dairy and caffeine. Colief seeemed to help a little. Anyway, sounds as though the cause of your little man's issues could be gastro-intestinal related, particularly if he settles on your chest on his tummy. Often, with colic or gastro-intestinal issues, time is your friend am so it may be a case of riding it out until it passes. Speak to your HV though as perhaps a change in formula may help. Does he have any other symptoms such as rash, runny nose, sneezing a lot, spitting up? Defo speak to HV.

Regarding co-sleeping -- I can totally understand your anxiety about SIDS and it isn't a good idea to co-sleep if your are extremely tired, but if you find that you do need to resort to get a little rest then there are lots of guidelines to help make it safer for you and baby, try the NCT website. I have co-slept with both babies and LOTS of parents do it. Really hope you manage some sleep this evening xx

ateapotandacake Wed 04-Nov-15 01:54:03

Well it's nearly 2am and he's finally gone off. He's been unsettled all day and regurgitated a whole bottle all over the floor this afternoon poor lamb so I wonder if he's a bit poorly- he really cried and he isn't a big crier usually. I'm off to bed hopefully I'll get a couple of hours.
MinesPintOfTea he doesn't function well on broken sleep, and has a pretty intense job so I don't want to wake him: I'd rather he was able to let me have 90 min at 5am. He would wake and take him but he'd be a wreck tomorrow. I can nap at least.
Scarlet I am going to day-nap. I've also been a bit obsessed with getting him up at 7 am but there's no reason why it couldn't be 9! Also we do have a bedside cot, but he won't sleep in it when he is straining and straining with wind.
Mumma I'm not sure about colic, he doesn't cry particularly, he isn't sick at all or have any other symptoms. But I am seeing HV on Friday so I'll ask her and maybe keep a little diary.
Thanks all. Here's hoping I get some sleep. X

Nottalotta Wed 04-Nov-15 05:02:26

Oh you have my sympathy. I didn't get more than 2 hrs in one go for ages. And often much less. DS is bf and some nights would feed every 45 minutes. He also doesn't nap well at all either (still doesn't at 14weeks) so i didn't have the option of sleeping when he did. If i were you i would certainly take advantage of his daytime naps!

i think DS was 7 weeks when i caved and brought him into my bed full time. Within the week he was waking once a night most nights. Best thing i did!

BathshebaDarkstone Wed 04-Nov-15 05:08:08

Baby massage. Stroke your baby's tummy in a clockwise direction. That should get him farting.

ScarletBegonia1234 Wed 04-Nov-15 08:52:22

Good idea to get sleep while you can! Plenty of time to start a routine once you are both sleeping better. You will find bedtime and wake up should naturally shift earlier over time so take advantage of 9am 'lie ins' while you can! Also yy to massage clockwise motions then a 'downwards scoop' then bicycle legs repeated until the farts come.'s actually quite satisfying :-)

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