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2 year old not sleeping

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Crawlina33 Sun 01-Nov-15 19:54:26

Ok so my 2 yr old has never been a good sleeper, always waking multiple times overnight and needing one of us to go in and give her back her dummy or just say 'back to sleep' but for the last few months it's been hell. We got rid of dummies 6 weeks ago and she moved into a big bed about 3 months ago, both of which went fairly well. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant.

Since we got rid of the dummies she has refused point blank to nap for me, although she naps at her grandparents once a week. On top of this, she started waking a ridiculous number of times a night, between 5 and 15 times, again just needing minimal reassurance. The last two weeks have gotten worse, with her resisting bedtime altogether, refusing to lie down, screaming every time we leave the room and when she wakes overnight she screams until I get into bed with her. I've tried the gradual retreat but she screams and screams if I'm not in bed with her. I've tried controlled crying but my limit was hit after 5 hours of her screaming. I know she's probably overtired because she won't nap but I try every day and she just won't nap for me. She won't sleep anywhere else either. Her bedtime routine has always been consistent since she was 16 weeks old. We've given her options to try to give her some control, we've tried negotiating, I've slept with her just to get some sleep, we've sent her to her grandparents for three days straight just so she would nap and it made no difference.

I'm going out of my mind with exhaustion, I refuse to keep getting into bed with her and in 6 weeks time when the baby comes I won't be able to anyway! I don't know what else to try. I think it might be separation anxiety with the new baby coming but I need to do something before I collapse with exhaustion. Any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance!

Crawlina33 Sun 01-Nov-15 20:04:18

ADDITION I should mention that she rarely gets out of bed, just sits inbred and screams, she has a night light and a cuddly toy that she gave her when we got rid of the dummies but she doesn't really have much of an attachment to it. She also goes to bed with a drink of water each night, she eats very well so I know she's not hungry.

lizzyp123 Mon 02-Nov-15 17:19:17

Hi there, I really feel for you, sleep deprivation is an awful thing. Our son has never been a brill sleeper and we ended up co sleeping with him cos nothing else worked and it's the only way we could get some sleep! So I suppose that would be my only suggestion - to just give in and let her in with you? Sorry I know that isn't an ideal solution but it might be a way of all of you getting some sleep? Co sleeping is the norm in a lot of other countries, with multiple children all in one big bed. It might not be for you but just thought I'd put it out there, and I hope you find a solution very soon. Good luck and hang in in there x

Binkybix Tue 03-Nov-15 12:10:24

This sounds really tough. I've got a newborn and my 2 year olds sleep went backwards before and after her arrival. Not as extreme as your case sounds, but sitting shouting etc. The only way we dealt with it was DH dealing with the bedtimes and wakings and me in a separate room with the baby.

Would that be an option for you?

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