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Co Sleeping

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peachy2410 Wed 28-Oct-15 18:33:54

Does anyone co-sleep with their baby? I know it's not ideal and I don't want to but she will not settle in her crib and I'm so exhausted I've let her sleep on a pillow in between us as otherwise for her to sleep she has to be held!

Does anyone have any suggestions to encourage sleep in a crib/cot? She will in the day but refuses at night! I'm so tired!!

drLu Wed 28-Oct-15 18:40:08

Don't let her sleep in pillow!!!! I co-slept with all three of mine but the need to sleep on a firm base. A pillow is too soft.

I can really recommend a book called three in a bed. I put mine in a grow bag. I slept under the duvet and put them on top of it making sure they weren't near any pillows. My body formed a C around them if it makes sense. My husband always slept in a separate bed for the first 6 months but mainly because he's a big lump that sometimes squashes me let alone being aware of a baby!!!
I felt a bit anxious every time but I was just so exhausted. Having said that I can't recommend cocoonababy enough. V expensive but re-sale is brilliant. John Lewis sell them and my third would actually sleep in that. Good luck!!

Lauraemily35 Wed 28-Oct-15 19:27:43

My lo hated his Moses so had a nightmare first few weeks. Myself and partner would let baby sleep on our chests which was really scary and obviously not recommend but I was just so exhausted.
I invested in a sleepy head in the end after buying a chicco next to me which lo wouldn't sleep in either!
He sleeps okay in sleepy head - never more than a couple of hours but is a greedy chap cause being bf. But I know he is safe and you can put them on your bed and baby is safe from being rolled on.
He's still not a good sleeper at 12 weeks but have been told 3 months is the magical age they start to settle! Fingers crossed and good luck flowers

NerrSnerr Wed 28-Oct-15 19:51:54

Co sleeping is fine but you need to look into how to do it safely. Don't let her sleep on a pillow, she needs a hard base away from all pillows and duvets. I didn't co sleep but the people I know who did put extra jumpers on at night and didn't use duvets at all so there wasn't the risk of them pulling the covers over the baby.

peachy2410 Wed 28-Oct-15 20:47:52

Thanks everyone. I usually sleep in a c shape round her but never really sleep when she's on our bed. Might try a co sleeping bed. Got a Chico next to me crib but she hates it. Thanks for suggestions

DuchessOfWeaseltown Wed 28-Oct-15 21:55:17

another one here who wore layers so no duvet and just had baby in her gro-bag on our (firm) mattress.

Dh was banished to the spare room, he is very heavy and a heavy sleeper so I wasn't comfortable with him being in the same bed.

I did the C shape thing around baby too, it just sort of happened naturally.

however I waited until she was 7 months as I had totally gone along with the official line that co-sleeping is dangerous. Was evangelical about how I was never going to do it as it was A Bad Thing, and even on those long dark nights when she was a few weeks old I was too scared to try it... which meant that on one or two occasions I dropped off while holding her as I was sitting up feeding her in bed... which is WAY more dangerous obviously.

If I ever had another child I would co-sleep much sooner. I was becoming a danger in other ways through lack of sleep (eg driving long distances on motorways after months of broken sleep - 4ish hours a night broken into 3 chunks, for months on end) and mental health suffering.

Take the advice on here, don't drink or smoke obviously.

oh and yy to ditching the pillow thing - they need to be on a firm surface.

BuggerLumpsAnnoyed Thu 29-Oct-15 12:51:08

I would say try a sleepy head on your situation. I'm planning on using one with imminent Arrival as DS1 was such a terrible sleeper. If you go on Amazon or John Lewis, the reviews are incredible. It's basically a safe way of doing what your doing

ArriettyMatilda Thu 29-Oct-15 13:05:13

Three in a bed is a great book and finally gave me the confidence to start cosleeping at about 6 weeks. We've never looked back. I always used a duvet but had it lower down. I probably wouldnt cosleep if I wasn't formula feeding as I know there are more risks attached to that. I know I slept fairly lightly in the the first few months and woke up when dd was snuffling around for milk, but I think formula fed babies tend to have deeper sleeps and therefore Mum would too.

ArriettyMatilda Thu 29-Oct-15 13:05:48

I mean if I was formula feeding. Sorry that is confusing.

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