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Almost 4 year old waking in the night

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Dorothy77 Wed 28-Oct-15 09:18:01

Hi all

I'm really hoping some of you can help me with some advice before I completely lose the plot through sleep depravation!

My DS will be 4 in December and, when he was a baby, was a great sleeper - from about 6 - 7 months old we would put him to bed and leave the room at 7pm and he would sleep through without a peep until 7am. Up until about a year ago that is.... all of a sudden he started wanting me/hubs to stay with him until he fell asleep and, rather than have him kicking off, we have been sitting with him until he's asleep then leaving the room.

Over the last few months he has started waking during the night, sometimes once, sometimes two or three times and will lie there shouting for me and crying until I go in to him. All he wants is me to stay with him until he goes back to sleep which sometimes takes 10 minutes, sometimes over half an hour! Just lately he won't even have my husband stay with him, he just wants me. If I try to leave the room he kicks off so almost every night now, I'm falling asleep on his bedroom floor. My husband says to let him cry but I just can't lie there and listen to him sobbing thinking mummy doesn't care.

This can't carry on... My husband works shifts and I work full time as a Training Manager and I'm studying part time for a degree-level qualification.

How can I get him to sleep on his own??

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