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10 week old hysterical every sleep time

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ruby242 Wed 28-Oct-15 09:09:41

Needing some advice on my 10 week old. Before every sleep time (day or night) he becomes completely hysterical even when I'm holding him and finally cries himself to sleep. I thought it was overtiredness but even when I start trying to get him to sleep earlier he fights it. I do have more luck putting him in the sling. Does anyone have any advice or experienced this? It's so draining

mintbiscuit Wed 28-Oct-15 09:18:37

From your post it does sound like overtiredness. How long is dc awake for in between naps? How many hours at night ate they sleeping and what are naps like?

ruby242 Wed 28-Oct-15 09:27:05

I start trying to get him back to sleep about 1.5hrs after he's woken (sometimes less) I start cuddling and rocking him (he screams if I put him in his crib). It's almost like he knows what's coming though and before long the screaming starts and he gets himself so hysterical. He will only nap for about 30/40mins in his crib/pram/car but will sleep for hours in the sling (sometimes will wake in the sling but if I start walking again he drifts back off). Overnight it varies but the basic pattern is going to sleep around 8/8.30pm, sleeps for around 4hrs then wakes every 2hrs until 5am when it turns to every hour. Up for the day at 7am

mintbiscuit Wed 28-Oct-15 10:11:26

Sounds very much like my dcs were!

Tiny babies often hate sleeping anywhere but away from mum. I used the sling for all of mine for the first 3/4 months. Then I transitioned to cot for day sleep. If the sling is working I would keep using it to prevent overtiredness.

Awake times for a 10 week old would be around 1hr to 1.5 hr max. I think you may be missing the sleep window by leaving it until 1.5 hrs to start settling. Awake time means from when baby is awake until thd are asleep. This means you need to start getting baby to sleep a lot earlier. I struggled to read tired signs in my babies so went by the click. Grizzling and crying are late signs which means you've missed the window.

Short naps are common in babies. Shorten awake time if the previous nap was short.

Night pattern doesn't sound too bad for 10 week old. Better day sleep may improve it but babies at this age still feed quite frequently so I would expect to see quite a few night wakings.

ruby242 Wed 28-Oct-15 11:04:58

Thanks that's reassuring to know! Did you have trouble transitioning to the cot at 3/4 months? We do at least one sling nap a day to make sure he gets at least one good nap.

Ah Thankyou maybe I am missing the tired signs, will try getting him to sleep a little earlier

mintbiscuit Wed 28-Oct-15 11:47:30

I'll not lie - it wasn't easy transitioning to cot but with persistence and consistancy I got there! The only reason I ended up doing it around this age is the sling was no longer working for naps. Dcs became too alert so sleeping in cot in dark room with white noise really helped them nap better.

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