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Remind me how to get an infant to sleep in a Moses basket.

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BusyCee Mon 26-Oct-15 06:30:16

Just had DC3 and really should remember, but just can't (addled brain). She's 3wks old and can sleep for up to 4hrs during the day (usually in her car seat, but sometimes in Moses basket). At night though.... Last night she woke every half hour or so and I ended up bringing her into bed with us because it was easier. I'm not averse to (safer) co-sleeping on principle, but find I don't sleep that well and with x2 other DCs under 5 I need to have some sleep.

She feeds slot at night - totally normal - and is happy sleeping in her front on my chest, or on her back/side in the bed. When I feed her at night I put her blanket on my legs so it's warm and smells of me for when I put her back.

I think my plan is to spend some time getting her to nap in the Moses basket during the day so she's increasingly used to it. Also to use a rolled towel to help her sleep on her side (she seems more comfortable that way). I may also put a cellular blanket in the bottom of the Moses basket, under the mattress, in case she's cold.

Any other thoughts? Sorry for the essay - all 3 had disrupted sleep through last night and I'm bleary to say the least....

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Mon 26-Oct-15 06:55:35

I used to put a hot water bottle in the basket to warm it up a bit before taking it out and lying DS down. I also rolled up muslins that I'd had on me during the day and the top I'd been wearing and put them around the edge of the basket so he could smell me.

Binkybix Mon 26-Oct-15 07:04:54

No idea - have gone straight to having my week old in bed as I need some sleep to cope with toddler. So I'm with you and watching with interest!

mintbiscuit Mon 26-Oct-15 12:43:04

None of mine ever slept in their moses basket/crib. I gave up and went from co sleeping to cot when they were around 3 months. I think some babies are easier to settle than others. Mine weren't so I took the path of least resistence at the time.

The moses basket is now a cat basket for our 2 cats. It makes me feel better that it wasn't a complete waste of money! grin

thinkfast Mon 26-Oct-15 13:40:34

It's impossible! Buy a sleepyhead and place in cot in your room. Good luck! Xxx

ButtonMoon88 Mon 26-Oct-15 13:58:09

I second sleepyhead-which we actually put in Moses basket when DD was newborn, and then when she reached about 10weeks we took sleepyhead out and she slept perfectly in Moses basket until 20weeks and she went into cot.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Tue 27-Oct-15 10:02:05

Sleepyhead and swaddle! My DS (now 16 weeks) started off co sleeping, then once he got to 10 weeks or so he needed a 'bedtime' so he'd go into the crib/sleepyhead for the first sleep stretch (usually swaddled then fed/rocked til he's properly asleep and floppy!) then co sleep / feed in bed with me for the rest of the night. Now he's a bit bigger I can resettle him in his own bed after night feeds now he no longer cluster feeds.

louise987 Tue 27-Oct-15 11:16:36

Have you tried swaddling? Also I've found with my 5 wk DD that once she has gone to sleep on her front it's very hard to transfer her to sleeping on her back in the Moses basket so something as simple as cradling her in my arms when she's sleepy (rather than letting her sleep on her front on my chest) makes the transition into the Moses basket easier. I guess it doesn't mean she has to move as much so she doesn't notice!

Best of luck!

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