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Croup....kill me now

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UnexpectedSingleMum Fri 23-Oct-15 17:18:49

So my dd (3) dragged croup home from nursery last week & we sailed through it. Ds (14 months) now has it and we are approaching night 3 & I'm about to burst into irrational tears I feel so sick at the thought.
He's a terrible sleeper anyway, so I have zero reserves to call upon and I am absolutely on my knees with no help available through the night. The past two nights I haven't slept at all as the only way he can 'sleep' (for very brief periods 10-30 mins) is almost totally upright on me.
Night 3 is fast approaching & I genuinely don't think I can do another night of no sleep. I'm not getting a 'break' until tomorrow morning when my mum can take them from 7-12 so I can sleep.
In a nutshell - How the hell do I get through another night of it? And potentially more when I have no reserves?????

GingerFoxInAT0phat Fri 23-Oct-15 17:31:16

Have you took him to Drs? There's quite a specific medicine for Croup and it works so fast! We did have to trek to a few chemists to fulfil the prescription though.

UnexpectedSingleMum Fri 23-Oct-15 18:07:09

We have GingerFox & they prescribed three days of steroids, first dose half taken / half spat out earlier.
That phrase 'they work fast' has made me well up with hope smile

Boredofthinkingofnewnames Fri 23-Oct-15 18:13:40

Have you got dexamethasone (that might be hideously wrongly spelt!).

It should make a difference straight away. If it's the tablets they're grim, grind them into some petit fouls or chocolate mousse.

If all else fails tonight go to A&E for the liquid.

I have way too much experience of croup...

GingerFoxInAT0phat Fri 23-Oct-15 18:15:17

We had what the pp mentioned and yes it worked pretty much at straight away.

UnexpectedSingleMum Sat 24-Oct-15 11:59:46

We've had prednisolone, he perked up right before bedtime & then was fine through the night. The meds are amazing - took it to being a 'normal' nasty cough rather than a terrifying one.
Thanks ladies. You gave me hope last night m (& I slept 7-10.45 after my Mum picked them up - unreal!!!)

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