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four month old has decided 4am feed is morning time. what to do?

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Belleende Wed 21-Oct-15 06:06:43

So far I have been blessed with a lovely bundle of joy, however sleep is not her forte. Until very recently she was waking every 2hrs to be fed. She is ebf and is in a sidecar cot. In the last ten days she has gone to feeding only twice a night, around midnight and 4am. Oh the joy. It has however been shortlived as she has now decided 4am is wakey up time. I am greeted with smiles and giggles. I feed her, put her back in her cot and ignore her. she goos and gas for about 40m then starts crying for attention. Any tips on convincing her it is not morning? I am thinking it might be time to put her in her cot in the nursery. Was going to hold out on this until after christmas as we have lots of guests for 2 nights and she would need to be in with us. If we put her in her nursery now, would bringing her back in for a few nights cause issues?

hopelesslydevotedtoGu Wed 21-Oct-15 06:34:55

I can't see how moving her into a different room would help. She might be more upset to wake up alone.

My baby did the same at around the same age. However she wanted to get up at 4am, not coo and giggle. It was really really tiring.

I worked on increasing the length of her daytime naps (by taking her for a walk for each nap as then she slept longer), then when she was napping longer she was able to stay up later at night and waking up time shifted forward gradually.

It was hard to find the energy as I was getting up at 4am so it took a few weeks!

SueGeneris Wed 21-Oct-15 06:43:42

I know it's not fashionable but will she fall asleep on the boob? If so once she starts fussing again I'd put her back on and hope she nods off. I'd have said having her in the side cot would make it easier to give her the 'it's night time ' message ie by lying next to her in the dark trying to sleep!

Belleende Wed 21-Oct-15 10:46:29

No falling asleep on the boob. She woke at four, gave me a big grin had a massive feed and then decided she wanted to start her day.
I might try to shift her sleep time later but this has been the one constant, no matter how much or little she has slept in the day, she conks out by 7.30, worth a try tho.

I was hoping that if she can't see us, she will go back to sleep more readily, instead of wanting to play.

starfish12 Wed 21-Oct-15 12:53:12

4 month sleep regression?

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