5 month old sleep advice

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Jelly101 Mon 19-Oct-15 14:12:12

I have a DS who is 22 weeks old and struggling to sleep both during the day and at night. During the day his naps last anything from 15-20 minutes- for some reason he never manages longer than this. Occasionally he will only nap 2-3 times during the day at 15 minutes at a time, and as a result becomes overtired around 5pm and starts kicking and screaming for around an hour until he settles. He then wakes around 11ish and is exactly the same. Recently, he's been waking around 5-6 times a night. Is this normal? I know every baby is different and I'm not trying to make him sleep all through the night, I'd just like him to settle, as he always seems distressed. When he wakes during the night, sometimes it can take up to an hour to settle him off again. Also, he doesn't always wake because he is hungry as sometimes he refuses a bottle and after 20 minutes of rocking will fall back asleep, but he will wake again within 20 minutes. I've tried dream feeding, putting him down when I know he's beginning to get tired and before he gets worked up, we have an established bedtime routine where he is bathed, changed, & fed by 6.30-7pm, Nothing seems to help. He's such a happy baby when he's not tired and he's always rolling around and giggling. Any ideas? Could this just be a growth spurt or teething? Last week he only woke up once/twice in the night, but now we're back to square one again. Any advice or similar experiences would be much appreciated. smile

Spl0ink Tue 20-Oct-15 19:52:38

Hello there, I'm just a random bod with a 20 week old who fights naps like sleep is the very devil, so I'm no expert come to offer advice fraid, but I have definitely found that sleep begets sleep, in other words, the better he sleeps in the day, the better he tends to sleep at night.

I have made it my personal mission to make this terrible son of mine sleep, whether he likes it or not, which has incorporated the baby whisperer wake to sleep method, every single prop and routine aid you can think of, so swaddle, dummy, blaring white noise, blackout curtains etc, the obligatory trips in the car, pram, sling (until he learned to just scream instead of sleeping in all three, sigh) and on bad days, anything you can possibly think of, including feeding to sleep or whatever.

I'm starting to relax the tiniest bit, so that we can actually go out sometimes, knowing that I'll work my socks off to catch up any sleep he missed the next days.

Good luck smile

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