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Help me make a plan - both DC not sleeping!

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Lilmisssunshine7 Mon 19-Oct-15 09:31:02

I need to make a plan - at my whits and and totally shattered!

Dc1 2.5 settles to bed fine, but wakes a couple of times most nights calling out (he does occasionally sleep through) until one of us goes through and tucks him back in. If no one goes to him he gets up and come through to us. This last week has been up at 5 most mornings.

Dc2 13 months. Settles to sleep by himself with dummy, but wakes numerous times through the night for his dummy, then wakes early when dc1 gets up. Occasional periods of being wide awake through the night as well. I did a bit of cc a few months ago and he did sleep through twice, since then though he has had constant colds or teething and has been given an inhailer to help with coughing at night.

They currently share a room (stopped dc1 getting scared of the dark!) but I might move dc2 back into the spare room till we get them both sorted. Please help me come up with a plan!! Between the two of them we are woken almost hourly on a bad night. TIA

mintbiscuit Mon 19-Oct-15 17:15:47

What are their bedtimes and usual morning wake up times? What are their nap schedules like?

Dc1 could be having too late a bedtime (which can cause night wakings and early morning wake ups). Or they have trouble self settling. Or both!

What are dc2s naps like? How long are they? What time does the last nap finish by? Is there a possibility they are getting too much day sleep which causes the middle of the night wakings or is it not enough and they are overtired? Again, ability to self settle may have been disrupted by teething/illness.

You may well have to go back down the CC route but in separate bedrooms (assuming you feel comfortable with that?).

Lilmisssunshine7 Mon 19-Oct-15 17:47:49

Thank you so much for your reply. Both go to bed at 7pm, ds1 has pretty much dropped his nap, although he nods off in the car sometimes or if he's particularly crabby he will sometimes have half an hour snooze after lunch. Wake time 3pm at the very latest. Dc2 usually has 30-40 mins at 9-10ish, then 1-1.30 hours normally at around two. Latest wake time is 3.30ish.

I'm thinking about separating them for a couple of nights and doing cc for dc2, and be brave and take the dummy away. Dc1 does have a groclock so I think we need to be a bit stricker with that, and put the babygate back on his room to keep him in (hopefully!)

Laura280486 Mon 19-Oct-15 18:35:51

Hi smile

I would try to make sure they don't sleep past 2pm....I know they are only young but if latest wake up time is 3:30 then they are only awake for 3.5 hours so they might sleep longer if you wake them earlier and I know it's a bit of a blag but I've started to massage my little girls feet with menthol rubbing cream. The menthol smell and the relaxing massage soothes her and it settles her. Also when my son was younger, he went through a phase of bed wetting and sleepless nights etc so his doctor told me to make sure he was relaxed with no TV or music but just in his room reading a story or playing quietly half an hour before bed.

It will get better in time. I think separate rooms is a must so they aren't disturbing each other in the night and maybe a night light if they are afraid of the dark? Hope this helps smile


ffffffedup Mon 19-Oct-15 18:55:02

Another vote for menthol rub on the feet before bed then put docks on works wonders to reduce coughing at night. It sounds like they mat be disturbing each other in the night separate them for a few nights if possible to see if it helps either of them

Lilmisssunshine7 Mon 19-Oct-15 19:20:40

Thank you for your replies. They have gone down surprisingly easy in separate rooms - dc2 is dummy less, but has his teddy and I will go in and reSsure him when he does wake. Only had to go in once at bedtime and tuck him back in which was far to easy! Feel he has mischief planned for later......??
We've explained to dc1 again about the glowclock and staying in his own room and bed until the sunshine comes up, so fingers crossed.

I will try the menthol tomorrow night - can't do any harm, and will be nice as part of there routine. Also that's a good idea about limiting screen time, CBeebies tends to be on in the living room right up until they go to bed, so think we need to turn it off earlier and have a longer story and cuddles in their bedroom. Thanks again!

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