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sleep regression - help!

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AliceRick1 Sun 18-Oct-15 08:35:04

Somebody tell me if this is normal and is there anything I can do.....
My baby is 14 weeks old, she wasn't a great sleeper until around 11 weeks when she started sleeping through (6-9hrs straight) it was a miracle! A short lived miracle that lasted around ten days. I felt human again! Then a second cold struck and she had he second lot of immunisations and her sleep deteriorated. The cold has passed, she's fit and healthy but no sleep!!!!!! It's just like having a new born again, she's difficult to settle after her bedtime feed, waking up the moment her head hits the crib.its either wind or she wakes up almost in a panic that she's no longer in your arms. When I do finally get her to sleep she will usually wake within an hour later and take hours to get back to sleep. She's waking roughly every 1.5-2.5 hrs and it's so hard! I know we expect sleep deprivation but things were going so well!! I've been puttin her in bed with me when my husbands on nights so that at least I can get some rest and breastfeed her lay down. But if I try to transition her into her crib she wakes and cries. I used to be able to soothe her back to sleep with some shhhhing and stroking her face but that doesn't seem to work anymore.
I've heard of the four month sleep regression she's s but early but could be this?? Any tips??

FATEdestiny Sun 18-Oct-15 11:24:34

Is she falling asleep in your arms? This could be the problem. A co-sleeper cot is a great transition for babies who like to snuggle up to Mummy to get to sleep, but Mummies who want baby in their own cot!

I just take one side off a normal cot (easily done with most flat-packed cuts, just requires an allen key) and then butt it up to the side of my bed. A rolled up towel or similar makes a very slight bump between your bed and the cot, just in case of rolling.

Then, assuming your mattress are the same height, you can lie on your bed and baby in the cot, but snuggle right up close to her. You can even snuggle right into the cot. Shush, patt, reassure, cuddle until asleep. But then when baby is asleep you can remove yourself leaving baby in the cot, sleeping independently.

Night wake ups can be dealt with in the same way - teaching baby to go to sleep at night in own space in the cot, rather than being held by you. This completely removes the 'waking when head hits pillow' situation.

AliceRick1 Sun 18-Oct-15 13:22:41

Thanks four your reply! I do use a bedside sleeper it's the snuzpod. The problem is she always falls asleep when feeding are always has done! And when I put her down in her crib she goes from eyes open to really screaming within about a minute so I end up having to pick her up, this soothes her but she falls straight asleep on my shoulder then wide awake when put down again! I don't understand why she could be soothed before, I used to lie next to her me on my bed and her in her crib with the side down but now she just screams and becomes a bit hysterical!!!

FATEdestiny Sun 18-Oct-15 21:46:16

<whispers 'cos some people hate them> Could you try a dummy?

Also if you are breastfeeding (?) could you feed lying down with her already in the cot?

FATEdestiny Sun 18-Oct-15 21:50:06

Oh, and also. Sleep progression in baby's isn't linear. It is not a case of babies are born sleeping at their worse and gradually get more sleep. In fact there will be lots of ups and lots of downs. Sleep will go great and you will enjoy the extra shut-eye. Until it goes pear-shaped again and you get out the matchsticks and try the coping with exhaustion strategies that most parents develop.

Therefore don't beat yourself up about the fact that it was good, now it isn't. This is perfectly normal and there will be several more of these phases in the first year.

AliceRick1 Mon 19-Oct-15 01:06:04

Thanks for the reassurance. You suddenly start feeling as though nothing works anymore and I worry I'm creating a clingy baby who can't be settled except for with more milk and falling asleep on me! I'm hoping I just have to get through this stage. She won't take a dummy I did try from quite early on because I thought she was going to start sucking her thumb and they say dummies are the less problematic for their teeth out of the two. Ha I have tried bf her lay down in her crib with me in my bed but it's a weird angle I end up contorting myself and it's really uncomfortable it was amusing trying!

FATEdestiny Mon 19-Oct-15 20:36:49

I have tried bf her lay down in her crib with me in my bed but it's a weird angle

That's the benefit of full sized co-sleeper cot rather than a crib sized co-sleeper. Lots more space.

AliceRick1 Wed 21-Oct-15 03:25:12

Yes definitely! Never really thought about that before until now!
Tonight has given me hope! After one false start she's slept 10.15-2.45 so that's much improved!! Didn't do anything different but she did sleep for two and half hours in day and i think that's improved her night sleep. I've slept terribly convincing myself she will wake up at any given moment! Silly I know!

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