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What's happened to my good sleeper???

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Taler Sun 11-Oct-15 20:52:03

DD (23 months) used to be a good sleeper and settle herself to sleep with only the occasional night waking.

Now she seems actually 'fearful' to fall asleep on her own! From where I'm sat it's come out of nowhere.

She can't bear it when we leave the room and will scream if we do.

Even her day time naps have turned this way too. Today she was half asleep in my arms and as I wen to lower her in her cot she woke herself up and kept saying "no, no, no" with a look of panic on her face. It was so upsetting to see sad

I am wondering if this is separation anxiety that she's experiencing and/or a genuine fear of being alone.

Whatever it is one thing is for sure and that is it is very real to her!

Therefore, whilst my logical mind tells me that we should consider the controlled crying route (I really do feel it's important for a child to know how to self soothe), I feel so conflicted as this genuine fear she has is, as I say, real to her. So leaving her to cry is basically abandoning her. At least that's how it feels!

I could cry thinkin about that!

Anyone else's LO a previous good sleeper and then developed separation anxiety or this fear-like feeling?

superoz Sat 17-Oct-15 01:08:53

Dd2 has started to do exactly the same thing! She has always been fantastic at going to bed, I'd just put her down awake and she would just roll over and go to sleep - until last week, so I feel your pain. It's happening at nap times as well.
I have to grit my teeth, say "it's time to go to sleep", turn around and walk out of the room, even if she is jumping up and down and howling. Usually she falls asleep after 5 minutes and then I tiptoe in afterwards and put the covers on. On a bad night though this isn't always the case. As she's my second child it's easier for me to do but only slightly less traumatic.
I think it is some kind of insecurity thing, dd has got more clingy recently and when we go to activities/classes she has started being shy and stays with me.
But good luck OP, it's up to you if you want to do the controlled crying, it is hard I know. I hope this is just a passing phase for both of us!

FATEdestiny Sat 17-Oct-15 16:41:58

Have you tried leaving a light on and the door open?

tinymeteor Sat 17-Oct-15 20:55:41

Could it be nightmares? My little sis had really vivid ones when she was tiny (she always was more imaginative than me wink)

Our mum used to talk to her about them, then open the window and "throw the bad dreams out" before shutting it tight and tucking her in again

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