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Separation anxiety?

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Tashafaye123 Sat 10-Oct-15 20:20:28

Hi All,

My little boy is just over 6 months old and in the last 2 weeks he will not settle at night time when left in the cot before this he slept through.

He has a both around 7pm and a bottle we then wait for him to drift off and place him in his cot usually within 10 minutes he's awake and as soon as you walk in the room and pick him up he stops crying. The crying is like he's in pain however he's fine during the day it's only during night.

It's constant at the moment about every 10-20 mins waking up and not settling at all. This happens all night and just to get some sleep I've resorted to putting him in the bed with us (I know this is a bad habit) and then he's fine and sleeps and even has to be woke in the morning.

Does this sound like separation anxiety? Or any other ideas? Any help appreciated very exhausted mum and dad

FATEdestiny Sat 10-Oct-15 21:42:55

I don't think this sounds like separation anxiety, just a baby who cannot settle himself back to sleep on his own. Which is not unusual at this age.

Could you try to stop holding him as he goes to sleep and instead get him to sleep in his cot, independently?

Tashafaye123 Sat 10-Oct-15 22:47:12

I've tried that but again doesn't make a difference just prolongs the crying. He was sleeping fine up till about 2 weeks ago happily slept in his cot from 7-7

FATEdestiny Sun 11-Oct-15 13:53:05

You will need to teach the baby (in a caring, gentle way). Sleeping independently doesn't 'just happen' when you try something new. It will take perseverance.

How much milk is baby having through the daytime? It could be a need for more milk, more solids or more fluids.

Baby's sleep isn't linear. There will be these ups and down where sleep goes pear shaped for a while until you figure out the problem.

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