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Bed time for 13 week old bf baby

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Belleende Mon 05-Oct-15 19:15:45

Have a 13 week old little girl. She is ebf and ee co sleep her on a sleepy head. Her usual pattern is, start bedtime wind down about 6.30. Bath, book and up to bed by 7. Feed her in bed and then Burp and settle her. I can put her down dozy and she settles herself. She then sleeps until I go to bed at about 10.30. She wakes and I feed her. She then wakes every 2.5 hours.
she resists naps in the day. Now she seems to have shifted her pm nap so that it has merged with bedtime. She can be sound asleep by 6.
Should I just go with this l and bring bedtime forward? I don't want her to be awake from 5am! Also her first sleep tends to be her longest and when knackered I go to bed with her. I don't fancy going to bed at six.

FATEdestiny Mon 05-Oct-15 20:33:29

Lots and lots (and lots!) will change regarding sleep over the coming 9 months. Going to sleep at 6pm now does not mean she will go to sleep at 6pm in a couple of months time. Sleep evokes. Not in a linear way either. So it doesn't really matter if you choose to go with the flow now or not - everything will have changed again in the coming 13 weeks anyway.

Fluffy24 Mon 05-Oct-15 20:42:23

I'd go with it because conversely you might get more night/early morning waking if you make her overtired by keeping her up.

DS is 9months and goes to bed at about 6/6.30 most nights and sleeps till 6.30/7 - but until about 7.5 months he was still waking 2-4 times in the night (hourly if unwell or a growth spurt). Even now if he's really tired he might be asleep by 5pm!

Wanttostayinbedallday Mon 05-Oct-15 22:14:04

My babies definitely went through a stage of either needing a quick power nap at 5pm or going to bed at 6pm. If she needs to go to bed then let her..
Are you feeding her both boobs when you feed in the night? It may help her sleep longer. Also when she wakes in the night, maybe she's not hungry and would settle herself but as you are right there it wakes you up and you feed her.. If she was next door... maybe you wouldn't hear every little sound and she would learn to settle herself.. They become so aware of when you are there if you let her sleep in your bed for too long then you'll never get her out of there. Obviously it's up to you but it depends on how much you value your sleep!

Belleende Tue 06-Oct-15 01:19:20

I think I have answered my own q. She is now wide awake burbling like a baby Chewbaca. I am guessing 4 month sleep regression. I thought that as she was a crap sleeper I might escape this. Seems not. Bugger.

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