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Bean bags

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Tissy Thu 02-May-02 13:34:12

I saw an ad in M+B magazine for a type of bean-bag mattress for babies, "Slumberwell baby", and they claim that it helps babies sleep as they are more comfortable. Has anyone bought one?/ Know anyone who has? My 3 month old can sleep for 8/9 hours on occasion, but usually doesn't! Last night I was woken twice, and I'm considering getting one as I'm back to work full time in 2 weeks, and need not to be exhausted. Also my job involves occasionally being called out at night, and I'm anxious to avoid my husband having to pace the floor with a wide-awake baby when I'm not there to breastfeed her back to sleep again!

Janus Fri 03-May-02 11:32:01

I would definitely check on the age restrictions here. I would feel that until a child is mobile by themselves, ie comfortably turn around, etc, then this 'beanbag' should be avoided. I say this because I can remember as an adult taking quite a lot of effort to get out of a beanbag!! Am just wondering how a baby would get their head clear, ie not facing down, should they need to??

threeangels Fri 10-May-02 20:43:24

I would be careful of it being to soft. This could possibly suffocate a chid to small. I personally would keep a 3 mo old on a more firm surface until like Janus said they are mobile. I guess your baby probally sleeps on its back. The other problem I have heard is that a sleeping surface too soft is not good for a babies growing spine. I really dont know I just heard this from other sources.

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