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2.5yr old started waking before 6am!..Any shared woes/advice?

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Mrsbirchall Wed 30-Sep-15 14:25:59


I know I may not be alone here but am at a loss how my 2.5yr old son has suddenly started waking (a few weeks have gone by now) a good two hours earlier than he used to..

We are baffled as he has literally lost up to 2 hours of his bedtime sleep as often I’d go to work just before 8 and wouldn’t see him as he’d still be asleep or else lying in there just quietly…

We go in to him and sssh him to lie back down and he will – but he’ll then moan again 10-15 mins later and then the gaps get smaller and smaller until it’s every few mins! There’s no point bringing him in to us as he’ll fidget for about 10 mins then demand to go downstairs and we've never co-slept..

I’ve read about bad dreams starting at this age but I don’t think it’s that as he doesn’t wake up upset, he starts off moaning a little then it accelerates to shouting for us and forced crying!

The thing is too is that he’s so obviously tired – he was such a grump this morning and we can see he’s still tired! Nothing at all has changed with his bedtime routine or his room.. Still dark etc…I’d understand a bit if he’d always been like that but touch wood he’s always been a decent sleeper.

He still has a lunchtime nap (he's at nursery 5 days a week) as he tends to be major grump without it but that's gone down to around an hour max now - should we look to try cutting this?

I'm nearly 19 weeks pregnant and hadn't banked on starting to lose sleep before new arrival!

Ps - he also HATES the introduction of the Groclock, so that's a no-go.. sigh..

LettuceLaughton Wed 30-Sep-15 14:48:55

Urg. I remember it well!

Is he waking at the same time each morning? If so it's likely to be possible to sort it with a technique called wake to sleep - there a plenty of threads about it on here that you'll be able to find via advanced search.

We had great sucess with the gro clock but the DC were a lot older. Maybe 4ish.

Mrsbirchall Wed 30-Sep-15 15:10:23

Thank you, I'm on the search-hunt now!... x

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