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10 week old with Reflux and Colic-Need advice on daytime routine

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FussyBaby1 Sat 26-Sep-15 15:08:12

My 10 week old has Reflux ( under treated with Nexiam), And a milk protein intolerance and cries A lot during the day.
I also have a 20month old toddler.

I am really struggling to implement a day time routine.
I can't sooth her as she refuses a dummy , and because I have a toddler the easiest thing has been to put her in the sling and sooth her until she falls asleep .(It also helped with the reflux) . She also falls asleep on the Breast.

I have her evenings sorted out.She sleeps in her sleeping bag in her moses Basket during the evening.

10weeks on and i can't pull her into a proper day time routine with naps in her Moses basket at structured times as she is used to being in the sling or in my arm.She cries a lot during the day and even though she is colicy and fussy , I'm sure some of it is due to overtiredness as I can't read her cues.

Any advice on how I can incorporate a sleeping routine during the day ?How do I break the sleep association of the sling ?Once she is asleep and I put her down in the moses basket she starts crying with 5 minutes.

It's very difficult incorporating a day time routine with a toddler around but I would really appreciate your help .

I'm really exhausted as she either cries or is in the slingsad

Kind Regards.

starfish12 Sat 26-Sep-15 19:05:54

Sympathies for the colic and reflux - but we'll done for surviving with 2 under 2 for this long! Hopefully the colic will be gone v soon and that's one less thing for you to worry about!

I have a 14 week old and a 23 month old. It's tricky isn't it as like you I can't put the baby down for naps either. I know that DS2 can only really manage a maximum of 2 hrs awake but that's only recently - at 10 weeks was more like 1.5 hrs.

So day goes roughly something like this.

Get up with whichever child wakes first and give milk. Baby sits in bouncy chair whilst me and DS1 have breakfast. 1.5hrs after DS2 has got up he needs to nap so I put peppa pig on TV and go upstairs and jig him to sleep and put him down. This takes about 15 mins. He wakes after 20-30mins but I think one day he might go longer! In the meantime I get DS1 ready and get the buggy out and bag ready. When DS2 wakes pop him in the sling and head out so he carries on sleeping - either go to a baby group or for a walk/to the park.

As long as baby wakes after 1030 all is good as my 2 hr awake window sees me through DS1 lunch and nap routine. Baby feeds at 11am. Once DS1 is in bed around 1230, DS2 goes in the sling for another 2 hr nap. I have lunch and try to rest on the sofa.

Then about 2:30/3pm wake both kids, feed the baby give toddler a snack then one more nap in the sling for baby sometime between 4 and 5pm whilst toddler is either watching TV or we go out in the buggy. Back for tea time then DH gets back at 630pm for bedtime

I only have both of them on my own for 2 days so I don't mind toddler watching quite a lot of TV those days (!).

It's hard tho as if baby is sleeping in the sling it's hard to interact with the toddler. That's why I try and go out so he doesn't notice! I've giving myself till 4/5 months like this then gonna really try and make the baby fall asleep in his cot. Not sure how but it must be possible!!!

Good luck. It's exhausting but I just keep saying to myself - this time next year baby will be walking and only need one nap! !

FussyBaby1 Sun 27-Sep-15 13:15:46

Thanks so much for the above!
Makes me feel a lot better smile

HeyMicky Sun 27-Sep-15 13:31:45

DD1 had reflux and slept in the sling during the day til she was about 20 weeks. Then she put herself into a routine.

DD2 is now 21 weeks and spent a lot of time in the sling as I was running about after DD1. She still takes a late afternoon cat nap in the sling, and her naps in the mornings are erratic as I'm in and out of the house on the nursery run and baby groups. But she started going down for an afternoon nap, in her cot, at the same time as DD1, of her own accord at about 18 weeks.

With reflux, I'd say her comfort is paramount. It sounds like the sling allows for that. And if she's ok at night, I'd just run with it - she'll get there in the end and you need to deal with your toddler, too

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