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The big dummy ditch - how did you do it?!

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flopsybunny45 Sun 20-Sep-15 02:37:15

Dc lives for her dummy. However she is now 2 and I am keen for her to dump it, esp as she still wakes at night if it's out of reach/hidden.

She can manage just fine during the day -"dummies are for babies"!! - but cannot fathom how to sleep without it.

What was successful for you?!

VimFuego101 Sun 20-Sep-15 02:38:45

I told DS he needed to leave it out for Santa to take back for the baby elves. Can you wait a couple of months? grin

barnet Sun 20-Sep-15 03:28:02

We had a real dummy addict DD. She was nearer three when we got rid, and I was amazed how well it worked. First we set a date, and talked about how the dummy fairy was bringing a present because DD was giving her the dummies. Then DD and us gathered all the dummies up (very important not to have any hidden under the sofa) Then we got ready for a long night, we knew we might not get any sleep. But that eventually she would sleep.

And here's an important bit: we kept one dummy for her to hold on to, but made a little hole in the end so when you suck it it didn't really do the job.

It was a bit of a long night, like helping someone go cold turkey, she cried, tried the dummy, it had lost its magic but she could fiddle with it.

Nice new bag and some fairy dust in the morning, and we had moved on...

Canyouforgiveher Sun 20-Sep-15 03:36:11

Big build up and eventually the dummy fairy came and left smarties instead. Her older brother had just had the tooth fairy come so she was enchanted by the concept.

It actually worked.

icklekid Sun 20-Sep-15 03:47:41

Reassure me, I can wait until ds can understand the dummy fairy or similar rather than deal with this now right? Ds is 14 months. .. he has just cracked sleeping well especially for naps and don't want to start again without his beloved dummy!

flopsybunny45 Thu 24-Sep-15 22:14:49

Love the hole idea!! ??

Problem with smarties ... She'd rather have her dummy than well... Food, water, bunny, ice-cream, coins... Just about anything ??

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