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8 month old waking up screaming every hour or more

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Armywifelife Sat 19-Sep-15 18:44:43

So DS who is 81/2 months was bf until 7 months and now ff. about 4 weeks ago he started pretty much sleeping through, just with the odd wakening for water some nights (live in a hot country so he definitely needs it). So this was a great break through for myself as I got rid of his dummy that he always woke up for every 2 hours and it was a success.
Skip on to this week and it has been horrific. First it started a week ago when he kept waking up 3 times a night and would NOT go to sleep without a bottle. He would scream for an hour if I didn't and I literally tried everything.
Now the last 4 nights he isn't bothered about milk but starts moaning in his sleep then wakes up screaming bloody murder. Tonight I am already getting stressed and upset as I don't know what to do sad he's woken up every 30 mins so far and takes about 10 mins to settle when I pick him up and cuddle him and falls asleep on me. He also screams again when I try and put him down which is really unlike him. I thought it might be nightmares but this many times for the last 4 nights I'm not so sure?
I need help I feel so sad for him. He's had neurofen and teething powders but with no effect.

Minion Sat 19-Sep-15 21:37:30

Leap 6!
We've hopefully come out of it but it was horrific.
Night terrors, separation anxiety, teething and developmental leaps.
You have my sympathies.

howabout Sat 19-Sep-15 21:44:48

Teething would be my guess. Calpol at bedtime sometimes helps a bit.

Or my dd used to wake herself biting her thumb.

I would be tempted to try reintroducing a dummy.

Not much help to tell you it is normal and he will grow out of it so tea and sympathy I'm afraid.

FATEdestiny Sat 19-Sep-15 23:01:26

Give the dummy back.

happyelf Sat 19-Sep-15 23:07:54

My youngest used to do this every time she was teething or had an ear infection. She was really prone to ear infections until she was about 3 and the screaming at night was always the first sign

Armywifelife Sun 20-Sep-15 05:53:38

I'm really reluctant to give dummy back because he would constantly wake up in the night wanting me to put it back in because he couldn't do it himself. He has a comforter that has chewy bits on and he sucks on that instead now. Maybe I should try though and see what happens.

He has woken up with a cough today so not sure if he's ill or has a sore throat from screaming. Going to get him some medicine and hope he isn't getting ill!

Armywifelife Sun 20-Sep-15 05:58:00

Minion, I did consider it being a leap but was convinced a leap could be this bad! Thanks for letting me know that it can be. I did think of separation anxiety because he sometimes seems so scared and hysterical when I pick him up and it takes him a while to calm down. Last night was a little better so hopefully it's up from here!

winchester1 Sun 20-Sep-15 05:58:47

Ours was like this last week we added an extra bottle in the day, upped solids and put a night light on and it stopped.

Armywifelife Sun 20-Sep-15 08:55:59

Thanks winchester1 I thought about a night light. Going to pick one up today so hopefully that will help too. He already eats so much I'm not sure if I can up them any more!

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