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Teach him to put himself to sleep, they said....

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Piazzapiola Fri 18-Sep-15 21:15:28

It'll stop him waking every 45mins, they said.

Erm, nope. DS2 puts himself to sleep at bedtime (with me lying beside cot) and still wakes every 45/60 mins throughout the evening.... angry

Allyoucaneat Fri 18-Sep-15 21:48:49

Well done on getting him to put himself to sleep. My DS doesn't even do that and wakes every hour through the night.

maymow Fri 18-Sep-15 21:56:04

My DD did exactly the same until I moved away from the cot and did the gradual retreat thing so she was self settling but I was out the door... I guess cos otherwise she was going to sleep while I was there but waking and finding I was no longer there...?

FATEdestiny Fri 18-Sep-15 23:13:12

How old?

My guess is hunger and/or desire to suck (try a dummy)

Piazzapiola Sat 19-Sep-15 06:53:23

He's 10.5mo almost. I think it's a combo of waking and finding me not there, and who else knows what. A bit cold? A bit hungry again..? Development leap? He used to wake like this when I bfed to sleep and I started a very very slow and gentle gradual withdrawal (the cot side has only just gone back up...) and it's a huge step that he's putting himself to sleep now at bedtime but it hasn't stopped the evening wakings (nevermind the nighttime ones...).

Will carry on with my gradual withdraw and see if over the weeks it improves as I lie/sit further away in the room.

nottheOP Sat 19-Sep-15 07:01:57

If he's putting himself to sleep from wide awake in his cot, on his own, I'd be surprised. That's the aim really so carry on persevering. He's still using you too much.

Also are you sleeping in a different room with doors closed? Some babies are just noisy in transition from one sleep cycle to another. Always leave 5 minutes before you run in. When you go in, don't get him out the cot, just settle by putting your hand on his back and laying back down. If you're using gw, I'd just sit facing away.

At 10.5 months I wouldn't feed at night. Possibly a dream feed if solids aren't going well.

nottheOP Sat 19-Sep-15 07:03:21

Sorry, just to add, no monitor either. If your baby needs you they'll wake you without any of these things

Piazzapiola Sat 19-Sep-15 13:54:36

I'm surprised too! He'd got a bit better in eve but last week it's been every hour again. Or just about. I think it's a change of sleep cycle but he doesn't just stir he wakes, stands and screams. I don't mind feeding him as am putting him back down awake plus it calms him and he seems happier to put himself back to sleep if he's had some milk first

nottheOP Sat 19-Sep-15 17:37:17

But that's why he's waking. Night weaning is mostly likely your answer

maymow Sat 19-Sep-15 19:24:11

Agree with all of nottheOP's v good advice. Night weaning was key for us. We reduced by 30 seconds every other night and eventually she didn't even notice. Gradual retreat did take weeks too before we got really good results.

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