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He fell asleep on his own!!!!! (sort of...)

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Nottalotta Sun 13-Sep-15 15:19:16

DS is 7 weeks old. I have struggled with day time naps with him only sleeping on me and waking when i put him down. I got some good advice on here and matters have improved. He has been napping in the sling mostly and on me. I have recently discovered that if i put him down with the feeding pillow he will stay asleep on it but its not ideal as its quite soft.

BUT -- he is currently asleep in the bouncy chair!!! He went in it after his feed (only just started being happy to stay in it) Started grizzling after half an hour so i went to take him out and he screamed. Dh said put him back in so i did and bounced bounced bounced and he fell asleep.

Wakes when ever i stop bouncing but oh my god progress!! I'm thrilled! But perversely a bit sad that he did it without me. i know stupid

FATEdestiny Mon 14-Sep-15 14:03:07

I consider a bouncy chair as essential baby kit, so brilliant for teaching independent daytime sleeping.

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