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Sleepyhead, poddlepod etc...

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Nottalotta Sat 12-Sep-15 20:42:07

DS has been a difficult to put down baby. Hes 7wks and falls asleep on the breast, then wakes as soon as i put him down, particularly during the day. He has been napping in the car/sling this week and getting more daytime sleep.

Yesterday though instead of just putting him down, i picked him up off my lap on the feeding pillow and put him down with that. It works!!

Feeding pillow is quite soft though so i have to watch him to make sure he doesnt bury his face in it.

So i'm thinking i need a safe alternative. The sleepyhead is expensive. Poddlepod not recomended for overnight. I am thinkin of using whatever i get in the cot also. Its a cotbed so pretty big.

Any recomendations?

Celia1978 Sat 12-Sep-15 21:46:17

A friend gave me a Sleepyhead and it was really good but when DS grew out of it I rolled up a big towel (I put some hairbands round it to stop it unrolling) then bent into into the horseshoe shape. Seemed to work - I think it's the feeling of being enclosed that they like.

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