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Napping better!

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Nottalotta Fri 11-Sep-15 21:17:51

I posted before about Ds not napping well during the day. Having heard that all babies do is eat and sleep for 3 months I wondered where we were going wrong.

DS doesn't like to be put down for naps and some days was barely napping at all.

I'm please to say that after lots of advice on my last post, DS is napping much more. I have concentrated on getting the naps however i can (so mostly in the car/sling/on me) and stopped getting so hung up on putting him down. I'm going to carry on like this for a couple of weeks then see if i can start putting him to sleep in the bouncy chair/Pram.

So thanks really to those who commented before. If there's any advice on how to go forward now i'm all ears! DS is 7wks.

BreeVDKamp Fri 11-Sep-15 21:24:33

Awesome, well done!! He's still teensy weensy.

The last few weeks I've started lying on our bed with DS (15 weeks) when putting him down for naps, so I can roll away and leave him without having to transfer him. He's a very light sleeper! So maybe you could try that in a few weeks' time.

Although today he napped once in bed, twice in the pushchair and once on me in the rocking chair. Was rather a successful day for us! I worry he is relying on too many things to help him to fall asleep (movement, shhh, pat etc) but at least he doesn't need the same conditions all the time and I'm trying really hard to chill out about it smile


Nottalotta Fri 11-Sep-15 21:33:56

Thank you! I struggle to letting go and was trying to put him down and 'get stuff done'. And failing!

Today he has napped on my bed this morning, on my lap, in the car and twice in the sling.

I did the roll away on the bed - failed. But i will try these things in a couple of weeks. He hated the bouncy chair but has started accepting it all of a sudden - not for naps but awake time so i can at least put him down for a bit - he watches me wash up. :-)

I might try going for a walk with the Pam in the afternoon so i'm not relying on the sling all the time.

Nottalotta Sat 12-Sep-15 00:18:07

It does seem that better naps = worse night sleep though.

Nottalotta Sat 12-Sep-15 02:10:21

Hourly wakeups.......

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