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17mo trying to kill me with sleep deprivation

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Pinkpowderpuff Wed 09-Sep-15 12:08:16

DS2 self settles at bedtime but wakes 3 to 4 times a night. Sometimes settles with just a quick tuck in, sometimes can be awake for 1hr+, in which case we stay and pat his bum until he drops off. He is teething canines at the moment but sleep always been crap, he has slept through only a handful of times - an accident on his part! Naps for around 2hrs 11am until 1pm. Bedtime 7pm, up anytime from 6am. I think sleep training is needed, I've had PND since his birth and not getting better due to sleep deprivation. What would be the best technique? Any experiences sleep training at this age?

Pinkpowderpuff Wed 09-Sep-15 17:57:10

Bumping for the evening crowd!

Flingingmelon Wed 09-Sep-15 18:11:53

No advice, but DS (2) is attempting the same. brew

DH has wondered about trading him in for a child that sleeps.

Pinkpowderpuff Wed 09-Sep-15 19:05:17

Sorry to hear you are struggling too. How old is your DS? Has he always been like it?

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