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Sleep training? What to do

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Dizzywizz Wed 09-Sep-15 10:40:08

11month old ds has become a bit of a nightmare at nap time. He seems to have dropped his second nap (unless he's in the car) and I now can't get him to have his first nap unless he's in the car. I really want to teach him to self settle but how? He did do it until he was about 6 months and since then I've got in the habit of feeding him to sleep (I know, I know...)

He was able to stand and crawl early and is now walking, and I think since he started to do all these things then it's more exciting to be awake. Any advice? I've tried baby whisperer where you put them down each time they cry, but he just gets up straight away and is getting really distressed. Feeding to sleep works at bedtime but not nap time as he's dropped most of his milk feeds. At bedtime and during the night if he doesn't feed To sleep I can normally get him off by rocking/walking round but I really want him to self settle!

He starts nursery in about a month and I am getting really worried that they won't be able to get him to nap. Any advice greatfully received.

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