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Help me sort out 9mo dds sleep out

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Arkkorox Tue 08-Sep-15 10:07:24

I need to sort dds sleep out. She is 9 months old today and been crawling a week. She goes down in her cot fine ( sometime between 7 and 8) and will sleep happily with maybe one or two wake ups ( but very easy to put back to bed) till midnight, sometime between midnight and 3 she will wake up and I cannot get her back In her cot. Help! I'm ending up in the spare room every night with her and it's not a bed I can make safe. When I take her to bed with me she's asleep within 5 mins but the crap sleep/dozing is making me into a zombie.

Arkkorox Tue 08-Sep-15 12:37:21


Arkkorox Tue 08-Sep-15 15:42:14

Anyone? Ftm and I feel like Im way out of my depth

Writerwannabe83 Tue 08-Sep-15 20:39:52

Hi ark - sorry you are having such a rough time.

Between the ages of 6-9 months me and DS co-slept pretty much every night and I was never worried about safety as he was under the quilt with me and I knew that if he woke up the first thing he would do is wake me up.

At 9-10 months old I carried out sleep training because I had 101 issues with his sleep and I couldn't physically and emotionally cope anymore. After sleep training my DS slept all night in his cot every night so co-sleeping was no longer an issue.

However, DS is 17 months now and over the last month he has been a nightmare with his sleep and he ends up in bed with me about 2-3 times a night. When he was in bed with me I couldn't switch off because I was too scared to fall asleep in case DS woke up, got into mischief and hurt himself. Whereas I used to be trust that he'd wake me if he woke up, I know that these days he would instead creep out of the end of the bed, lower himself to the floor and start doing Lord knows what. As a result I was barely having any sleep as like you, all I could do was doze. I'm a nurse to working long shifts (I'm out the house for 14 hours on the days I work) and I was having to go to work on about 4 hours broken sleep and I was just exhausted.

As a result, and much to DS's disgust, I have started putting him back in the Gro-Bags because it means that if he does wake up it makes it a hell of a lot harder for him to crawl/climb out the bed without it disturbing me because of how clumsy it makes him. I've also taken to tucking the bottom of his Gro-bag between my thighs so that if he does try and escape out the bed the minute he tries to crawl away from me his movement jolts my legs and so wakes me up.

It's not ideal and it doesn't remove all risk but it definitely makes me feel more reassured.

ffffffedup Tue 08-Sep-15 21:12:53

Instead of taking her into the spare room can you take her into your own bed if you can safely co sleep there and ask your dh to move into the spare bed if dd wakes. Is she waking for comfort ot for a feed? Does she have a dummy? The shush pat works with my ds but in fairness he does settle quite quickly so I know this is not ideal to be doing for ages at 3am.

silverstreak Tue 08-Sep-15 21:39:38

If she's asleep within 5 mins when you lay down with her can't you just pop her back into bed then? My DD woke randomly in the night up to 14 months or so and would only feed back to sleep for the most part; she slept in grobags which really inhibit escape tendancies too much movement anyway, and we also used to use a "snooze pillow", which was basically just a v.flat regular adult pillow which I'd get her to sleep on (across it horizontally) then just use it to transport her with minimum disturbance back into bed, iyswim.... Sounds complicated but was our saviour! At around 14m I cracked and did cc, with a version of shhh Pat/hand holding, which just took about 5 days but obvs your DD is too young for cc yet IMO....

If it helps I definitely agree with pp that cosleeping is the way forward; I did it with DD UK to around 6-7 months but with hindsight wish I'd done it longer as it was way less trouble than ask the toing and froing! DS will be cosleeping a while longer yet (he is 8m) - I value my sleep too much! grin

silverstreak Tue 08-Sep-15 21:45:34

Just realised from your crap sleep comment you may be trying to co-sleep atm and its not working out...?? Have you DDs cot in your room, as if so have you considered taking one side off and pushing it against your bed to fashion a co-sleeperco-sleeper - that way you could take her to your bed to get her off to sleep then gently push her back over into her cot when asleep.... With a sleeping bag as well there's no way she'd wake up and crawl off without you waking....

silverstreak Wed 09-Sep-15 21:13:17

Hey Op, did anything work out our haber you given up?! wink

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