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Help up every 2 hours!

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MusicMum18 Fri 04-Sep-15 09:17:37

My lo is nearly 5 months old. She was sleeping from 8pm-4pm most nights but since she has learnt to roll over about 3 weeks ago she wakes herself up constantly throughout the night. Last night I was up at 10.30 her arm was stuck through the bars of cot and she couldn't get it back through. Then up again at 1pm, 4pm and6.30pm. Each time she had face rammed up against bars and couldn't get away, upside down, on front and stuck. She can only roll from back to front she can't get back! Each time she woke I offered bf as wasn't sure if she was hungry. This made her fall asleep on boob she was prob genuinely hungry once or twice but the comfort got her back to sleep.
Is his continual waking something she'll grow out of, if so when? Can I do anything to help her keep still and sleep? Don't like the look of those bumper bars due to suffocation risk, plus it won't stop her wriggling everywhere!

nottheOP Fri 04-Sep-15 09:23:07

This could work.

I'd be wary of upping the night feeds if she's dropped them on her own. She's waking because she's stuck, not because she's hungry but try to not give her that appetite back.

With DS we had an awful time when he was doing this rolling but could only go one way. It stopped immediately when he could roll both ways so work on helping her to learn how to roll both ways - lots of tummy time.

FATEdestiny Fri 04-Sep-15 21:09:08

It isn't very long from when baby learns to roll one way until they can roll both ways.

As soon as baby can roll back to front and front to back at will, then she will find her own preferable sleeping position.

My DD (11 months) likes to sleep rammed up against the cot bars. Sometime she bumps into the bars but this never seems to bother her, it is her chosen favoured sleeping position.

So I am not sure I would bother buying any product if I were in your position. Because it won't be long until she can roll away herself if she wants to.

nottheOP Fri 04-Sep-15 21:12:38

fate ds was a bit skewiff there - 10 weeks tummy to back and iirc 22 weeks to go the other way. Luckily it didn't cock up his sleep for too long but it was a right pain for a while.

Rob380 Mon 07-Sep-15 06:26:41

We had exactly the same problem, and got a "sleepy head" (sure other brands are available) it's like a mattess with a bumper round it the edge really good, most of our friends have ended up with them. They are great for in travel cots if you go away.

Kika1 Mon 07-Sep-15 21:11:07

My little girl was the same, we bought Safe dreams two sided cot mesh bumper and really happy with it...unfortunately she still doesn't sleep much at night, it just got worse,but hopefully it will solve your problem with stuck hands and feet...

Sockattack Mon 07-Sep-15 21:13:16

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