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Help 3yr old screaming at night/attachment issues

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Hopbunny1 Thu 03-Sep-15 21:23:56

My son has always been terrible sleeper but last few months have been really trying. He wakes up every couple of hours shouting for me. If I go in and he sees me he will go back to sleep. However, the minute someone else sees to him or if I am not there he has a real tantrum. He screams and cries and kicks and hits - he only wants mommy. If I then go in he continues with me for ages. I have tried being calm and/or ignoring but nothing works and he gets in such a state he doesn't know what he's doing and hits out at me. It is upsetting for my husband when my son screams at him, but it also means I can't go anywhere in case he wakes and I'm not there.
He has attachment issues in the day as well and won't let anyone except me change his nappy etc
I wondered if others had gone through this and could give advice etc. I haven't slept properly or had a night out for at least 12 months

FATEdestiny Fri 04-Sep-15 21:46:20

If I was going through this I would have DH with me every possible time that DS needed settling. Encouraging DH to take the lead, but in your presence. Bedtime and all wake ups.

This would be a gradual and kind way to encourage some attachment between DS & DH, while not breaking lessening your attachment.

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