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Is it possible to improve two children's sleep all by myself or am I crazy?

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Addictedtocustardcreams Mon 31-Aug-15 13:00:33

Would be grateful for any ideas on how to improve my 2 DC's sleep. I don't need sleeping all night or miracles just a bit more sleep! DD is 2.8 and DS 6 months. I normally have to put them both to bed by myself as DH not generally home from work. They are also about to go into a room together once a bed arrives for DD (she currently sleeps in toddler bed). At the moment bedtime is both in bath together then pjs then story normally DS wants feed by then, so feed him & tuck DD into bed. Feed DS to sleep while sitting in the room with DD. DS then up about 1-2 hourly through the night & DD appears in our bed & sleeps their the rest of the night. What I really want to change is the feeding DS to sleep as think he may then sleep a bit better in the night but can't work out how to do this while also sorting DD who screams if I leave the room which then means DS wakes up. Anyone got any clever ideas?

FATEdestiny Mon 31-Aug-15 13:28:20

That is a to do all at the same time, on your own or not.

Personally tackle the older child first and keep youngest in with you until she is staying in her room all night. Then tackle the younger ones sleeping while still in with you. I wouldn't put them both in together if neither is sleeping well.

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