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Wake to sleep - how much to 'wake'?

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Bigbagofchips Sat 29-Aug-15 05:08:02

My nearly 2 year old DS has been waking at 4.30am for weeks. Changing his routine hasn't had any impact on this so I am thinking about doing wake to sleep. Please can anyone who's done this advise me on how much I need to wake him?
Thanks x

Strokethefurrywall Sat 29-Aug-15 05:35:07

I still do it occasionally with my nearly 4 year old - I wake him enough to answer if he needs a pee and generally when he grunts "nooo or shakes his head I leave him.
With a two year d I'd rouse then slightly and ask if they need a wee or some water and if they answer or mutter then that's fine.
Often I've not been able to get anything vocally out of him but if I fuss him and he bats me away then it's a job done.
I do this right when I go to bed and the majority of the time it breaks his cycle enough that he sleeps through.

Bigbagofchips Sun 30-Aug-15 07:40:26

Thanks for sharing Stroke. I went out last night so couldn't face getting up at 3.30 to rouse him but then he slept until 5.20 anyway! Might see how we get on tomorrow morning x

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