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Crawling and naps

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hotfuzzra Thu 27-Aug-15 12:11:02

DD has been crawling for 2 weeks, and standing up, also she is teething again, about 3-4 at once from the look of her gums <shoots self in head>
Anyway her daytime naps since crawling have been much harder to get her to sleep, she's always fought naps but now she just keeps sitting up, crawling around, standing up, playing, anything but sleeping. Because of the teething I have on occasion been cuddling her to sleep if she's cried too much or for too long, so I know she is tired because within 2 mins of cuddling she's fast asleep.
Is this just a phase while she's getting excited by moving around? I don't know whether to keep putting her on her back (tried this for 20 mins today, resulting in crying, turning over and repeating her crawling standing game!) or let her pootle about until she is ready to go to sleep. I can't see her doing this tbh.
She's already in a grobag. At bedtime we BF to sleep and if she wakes in the night she normally can be soothed in her cot or worse case scenario cuddled back to sleep.
Last week we had a few days where for whatever reason she missed one nap a day for about 3/4 days in a row. She seemed fine, wasn't too cranky and her night time sleep wasn't affected (more than from teething anyway!) I'm wondering if she's ready to drop a nap? Is it too early at nearly 9 months?
Don't really know what to do... Tia

FATEdestiny Sun 30-Aug-15 16:00:34

Follow baby's lead in terms of daytime naps. The number of naps is not set in stone. Se might drop a nap for a bit then start having it again at a later date. Or maybe not

Sleep going to pot when baby learns to crawl/stand is 'a thing'. I have to be honest and say I have always considered that if sleep isn't sorted by the time baby is standing then it becomes infinitely more difficult to sort after then.

It is a phase, yes. But unless you teach baby not to stand/move around at sleep time then the phase will last a lot longer. Taking up shush/pat for a bit may help - firm hand on baby's chest to reaffirm that she needs to stay still and lie down to sleep. Holding both baby's hands helps in a similar away, physically showing her that she needs to be still at sleep time.

hotfuzzra Tue 01-Sep-15 23:20:20

Thanks FATE that has helped.

starfish12 Wed 02-Sep-15 18:41:32

There is a 9 month sleep regression. .. we had to go back to buggy walks for a whole month as DS would just giggle when I put him down and pull to standing! Then it just passed one day...

CityDweller Wed 02-Sep-15 22:04:05

How many naps is she having?

And yes to a 9-month sleep regression. In part because they have a tendency to 'practice' new skills like crawling, standing up, etc, at bedtime/ nap time stupid design fault, if you ask me

NickyEds Thu 03-Sep-15 13:37:19

Is she dropping from 3 naps to 2? Ds did at around this age, he also woke up frequently all sodding night and needed feeding and subsequently rocking to sleep for ages. I definitely think it's due to learning how to crawl, stand, walk etc. Imagine that today you learned to fly. Would you sleep tonight? I wouldn't, and I reckon crawling must represent something similar to them!
For naps I'd just let your baby lead you wrt how many, I know that dropping naps was a gradual thing with ds so he'd have 3 some days and 2 others, then 2 to 1 was similar. I did shush pat for naps at around 7 months (he'd napped on me previously) and it took about a week/10 days. We night weaned at 11 months and did cc at 11.5 months for the horrific night sleep (we had been rocking him to sleep for 45 minutes 3 times a night). Does she have a dummy/comforter?

hotfuzzra Sat 05-Sep-15 20:56:37

Thanks for replies, only just checked.
She only has two naps a day, she has been a nightmare napper from about 2 months resulting in me developing anxiety relating to her sleep. However we've come to settle into our routine for the last 3 months-ish. But for a few weeks she might miss one, she doesn't seem bothered and then just has a good nap later on.
She does have a dummy - for sleeping only so it's a good 'cue'. She used to be pretty good, we had a little routine and usually she'd be asleep within 5-10 mins. Since crawling she's been much worse, we've been cuddling to sleep but a few times last week after Fate's reply we managed to get her to sleep in cot.
Thanks again.

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