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2 year old, bad night terrors??

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talulahlove Mon 10-Aug-15 23:16:17

Hi im new here, first post. I have a little girl, she is 3 in october. In the last year she has had some kind of night terrors about 6 times. Ive googled night terrors and im not sure thats what it is. She wakes up screaming, hates me and her dad, she doesnt stop screaming and shouting for about an hour, she asks for her juice (her comfort) an then throws it, she tells us to go away an doesnt want us to go. Then lastnight she was with her dad trying to cuddle her an she tensed up a screamed in his face, he said her eyes went evil as she tensed an screamed then smacked him in the face! She is a good girl, we dont smack her an she never sees violence. He said he was scared an she looked like she was posessed! Is this night terrors?? HELP

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