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Anyone used the Clevamama Sleeping Bag Swaddle?

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Cerealaddict Mon 10-Aug-15 15:10:07

My ds keeps waking up due to the startle reflex, he's always done it's really getting to me now, I need sleep!! as he's 3 weeks and i don't really want to go the full swaddle route.

I've seen this clevamama sleep bag swaddle that just swaddles the arms and then you can wean them off gradually to a sleeping bag, just wondering if it is any good? and did it work for your lo's

FATEdestiny Mon 10-Aug-15 21:36:49

I've got no idea why you are concerned or worried about the "full swaddle route".

It is quite usual and normal for babies to like being swaddled. They soon grew out of it easily as they lose the reflex after the newborn phase.

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