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5mo BM in the middle of the night?!

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moonprayer Fri 07-Aug-15 13:02:47

My DD has just turned to 5mo. She definitely got 4mo regression and has become quite a bad sleeper at night. Two weeks ago she was waking up at 1/2am and played for nearly two hours before falling back to sleep... I then tried to cut her daytime naps to solve the problem.. It worked... for one day last week, and then from the second day, she woke up at 2am for a feed, still quite sleepy afterwards (which was good), then ... With her noticeable efforts (even when closing her eyes) and the annoying noise from the bottom, I know my dream of a perfect night sleep is over... Literally, she is now having a BM at 7pm right before going to bed, another BM at 3pm, then BM the first thing in the morning at 7am... Is it diarrhoea? Or is she probably teething?(I can see the white teeth under her gum but it hasn't felt too hard. But she is definitely dribbling everywhere ) how should I solve this problem now?! Thank you in advance for any advice!!

FATEdestiny Fri 07-Aug-15 14:23:51

BM = Bowel Movement? (ie poo?)

Just checking because it could also mean Breast Milk (which shouldn't be being restricted at this age).

Night time pooing could well be teething, it is a symptom. She could also be a bit poorly. Just make sure she has plenty of feeds and fluids.

Have you weaned early? Not a great idea because this can cause upset tummies and digestive issues. If you have started some solids this could be the reason. I would suggest waiting to give solids until baby's digestive system is ready.

moonprayer Sat 08-Aug-15 01:42:32

Thank you Fate... No I haven't started weaning yet. She is still on breastmilk. Sigh... This happened again... I just couldn't figure out what happened and what I should do. If it is truly teething, when will it stop? Thanks!!

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