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Toddler 22months Sleep regression and seperation anxiety

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Aisling78 Thu 06-Aug-15 16:38:19

Would love some help and advice. My 22 month old has been a great baby, always slept well and self settled and slept all night from around 5 months. We went on holidays 5 weeks ago and he seemed to develop a terrible case of seperation anxiety while we were away, we think it was because the cruise we were on was very busy. Since we got home the anxiety has gotten much worse and his sleep is just terrible. He got really upset at night, trying to climb out of his cot. We moved him to big bed and now he will only go to sleep with us in the room and repeatedly wakes up at night crying, whereby we have to also sit in the room untill he is asleep again. We have tried just letting him cry but he has started to throw up which i can see not is something he is doing to get his way and have us back in the room. As a result we have tried gradual retreat, but cannot get out the door! He is not sleeping any later than 5am and as a result is becoming a really tired and anxious little boy, when previously he was so relaxed and happy. I am at my wits end as i have an almost 8 month old and i go back to work in a few weeks, so really want to resolve this as the sleep deprivation we are all suffering is really taking a toll. Help!!

nini1406 Tue 11-Aug-15 21:31:15

Sorry haven't got any helpful suggestions other than we're going through the same thing at the minute. Our 23 month old has gone from sleeping well in his own room and being able to fall asleep on his own to clinging on for dear life and crying whenever you try leave the room. At the minute we're taking it in turns to stay his room. We're all knackered sad

CarrotPuff Wed 12-Aug-15 21:39:15

Oh dear. Same here with 20mo, it all went to pot after a holiday too!

Kme06 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:19:25

Same here with our 21 month old and his complete aversion to his bed coincided with him learning to climb out of it so we turned his cot into a bed a couple of weeks ago. Still takes over 2 hours of him crying and refusing to stay in it. He's calm when we stay in the room with him but thinks it's play time but then as soon as we leave the room he cries and cries. Just so tough having been used to him settling himself to sleep since he was young - just hoping it's a phase as there's no way we can go on holiday now or to stay with friends ��

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