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Just moved my 11 month olds cot into her own room

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MrsGiraffe12 Wed 05-Aug-15 15:33:36

Basically that.
She's 11 months old, in a hip spica cast and I've just moved her into her own room for the first time
My husband thinks I'm mean because of her spica cast, but I'm 23 weeks pregnant and we can't get another cot in the room so want her used to it before the baby arrives.

Any tips to make the transition easier for us all? Thanks x

Artandco Wed 05-Aug-15 15:36:26

Well it's not mean,but you also can just leave her in bedroom surely also. Baby is another 4 months away, plus baby could sleep in small Moses basket or similar for 6 months so that's at least 10 months they could both stay if needed

MrsGiraffe12 Wed 05-Aug-15 15:39:22

I guess so but there is literally no room, we had to squeeze around as it was with the cot. I intended to move her at 6 months but as she got put in her spica I felt it was best to keep her where she knew.

I don't remember being this anxious moving my eldest into his own room

Diggum Wed 05-Aug-15 16:42:15

I moved mine at around 8 months. It took her a few nights to get used to it so maybe brace yourself for some extra might wakenings until she settles.

I spent time in the new room with DD during the day, playing with toys etc, getting her used to it.

Apart from that it was just her familiar bedtime routine and extra cuddles at night.

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