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Falling asleep alone

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Pyjamaramadrama Wed 05-Aug-15 10:45:59

Ds2 is 7 week old, I've currently got him into a loose routine where he has a bath and his last feed at around 8-8.30, most of the time he falls asleep until around 2am.

At the moment we are bringing the Moses basket downstairs and popping him in once he's nodded off, he mostly falls asleep quickly but sometimes he fights his sleep for hours, he's now getting too big for his basket so his cot will be going up in the next couple of weeks meaning he'll have to go to bed upstairs (in our room).

Problem is ds doesn't really fall asleep on his own. When my ds1 was a baby he'd fall asleep alone by this age, he might grizzle a bit and wake up but if I popped in a shushed him he'd nod off.

Ds2 isn't so easy, he has a dummy which keeps falling out and he quickly gets very upset if left.

I'd like to get him to nod off by himself soon, any advice?

Also wishing I'd never introduced this dummy but he seems to need it.

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