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Anyone used white noise for a toddler?

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minipie Wed 05-Aug-15 10:17:19

DD is 2.9 and has always been a pretty bad sleeper, very prone to overtiredness/sleep fighting and waking as soon as anything is slightly wrong.

At the moment she wakes early in the morning, usually around 6, I know that's not too bad but she is tired by 11 so could definitely do with sleeping later in the morning. Often it seems like she wants to go back to sleep but can't relax enough. Also there is plane and traffic noise where we are.

I was wondering about playing white noise or wave sounds in her room to help relax her and disguise the planes etc. But she's never had it to sleep, even as a baby so not sure if it might backfire.

Has anyone tried white noise with their toddler? Especially for an overtired/ hyper type of child?

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