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Sleep help needed for 15 month old who wakes in night!

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mrsdias Tue 04-Aug-15 14:16:10

HI Ladies,
I need some help. My little boy normally goes off to sleep fine after his bottle. I just pop him in his cot awake and he snuggles down with his soft toy and has a dummy and thats him for a good few hours.
HOWEVER, he NEVER sleeps through. Think he has done about 4 time sin his whole 15 months on this planet!
He often wakes at about midnight and then again at 4ish.
Sometimes he wakes and if i nip in and tuck him in or pop his dummy back in he goes straight back off. But lately he has been really crying and wont settle. He throws himself around the cot, does the thing where he throws his head back and bangs down on the mattress, its scary as he somtimes hits his head on the bars of the cot.
When he gets like that it is almost impossibe to calm him. i end up picking him up and even then if hes got to that stage he quite often just screams and pushes me away and he doesnt seem to know what he wants.
We have often resported to bringing him into our bed which is easier when we are so exhausted but i know not helping. He does tend to sleep better with us, but i end up getting kicked in the head etc etc so dont sleep anyway!
I need some help ladies, ill try anthing. Im more than happy to put the work in for a few nights! any advice please! xxx

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