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Annoying nap habits on 6.5mo

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SomeonesMumNow Tue 04-Aug-15 11:45:08

DS has always slept well at night (mercifully) but daytime naps have taken a turn in the last few months.

I think could basically do pretty well with 90mins at around 10.30 and again at around 3pm. Either that or 3 lots of 45 mins through the day.

But after waking at 7.30/8am and having breakfast after DD's school run (9.15ish) he is then ok for a short while before becoming grumpy and grotty, won't play, won't sing songs, won't cuddle but importantly WON'T NAP.

If we go out its not an issue, but given that he can't be left to himself for 15mins so I can shower and make myself vaguely presentable we tend not make it out until the afternoon (unless I just give up and emerge from the house a scruffy-looking Batiste monster).

When we both eventually give in and lie on the big bed, he will grumble and complain but will eventually fall asleep. For 20mins. Then he'll wake himself up and wriggle around and I'll barely manage to run away from the washing machine/sink/shower in time to stop him launching off the bed.

Naps in the cot don't happen. Naps on mummy, well they work a TREAT. After his 20mins he all sparkles for 2mins until the grottiness starts again, and he sleeps on me. Because if I try and put him down, he's awake.

This has only started happening since he was about 4months old. How can I move to a situation where I can go "okay, nap time" the put him in the cot and walk away? We have to cuddle him to sleep at bedtime too, but he the stays in his cot all night (well, until 5am when he comes in with us). He just can't put himself to sleep, ends up a scream fest.

Are we being too soft? "Rod for our own backs"? angry

SomeonesMumNow Thu 06-Aug-15 12:02:59

Anyone? Another horrible morning with a screaming baby who refuses to be put down for a sleep.

MoominaMama Thu 06-Aug-15 17:44:25

I didn't want to leave your thread unanswered but perhaps don't have the answer you want to hear.

My DS always slept on me (or moving in thr pushchair or car) until he was 10 months old. When he started crawling he was exhausted and so naturally became a much deeper sleeper!

I stressed about it so much and tried all sorts but eventually decided to accept it and hoped it would change naturally one day ... which luckily it did! I was so much happier when I stopped trying to fix the 'problem' and just went with the flow. Not for everyone though.

helloelo Sat 08-Aug-15 00:18:43

I could have written your OP a month ago...
Almost 7mo DS now naps in his baby hammock to the loudish sound of classical music (not the relaxation piano one, no, he likes drama, Mozart requiem works best).
Best purchase ever. Maybe I'm creating a bad habit. I don't care, he falls asleep in minutes and crucially, not on me.
If I go out at nap time, I take a soft structured carrier and he sleeps on my back.
We always, always, always have the same sequence, roughly at the same time, whatever we're doing. Wake up, boob, play, eat, play, big cuddle, nap.
I got the advice on MN, it has immensely helped, I hope it helps you too.

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