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Floor bed

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coolsmudge81 Wed 29-Jul-15 14:18:02

Does anyone have one of these? Im thinking of setting one up for me and my two year old as a way of transitioning to his own space and night weaning.
Can anyone tell me if it helped?

helloelo Thu 30-Jul-15 12:53:14

I have my 6 months old on a floor bed, mainly due to BF logistics but I'm wondering what will happen when he grows up.
I read the Montessori philosophy is that you're supposed to child proof the room and let them explore on their own / decide when they want to wake up and play, etc. I'm curious about how it works IRL.

weebairn Thu 30-Jul-15 20:52:16

My 2 yr 10 month old sleeps on a double mattress on the floor, mainly because I put her baby sister in the cot and I haven't got round to getting a bed yet…

Boyfriend occasionally joins her in the early morning, but mainly she sleeps through 7-7.

It's been very helpful. In her bad sleeping phases (long time ago now) it meant at least we all got sleep or at the very least could remain lying down. Nowadays at least it means when she rolls out of bed she doesn't wake up…

NoraRobertsismyguiltypleasure Thu 30-Jul-15 21:03:03

I put my DD on a single mattress on the floor at 9 months when she started moving across our bed from her cot before we got to bed. One of us always had to lay down with her until she was asleep and it was actually much more comfortable once she was on a single mattress. She slept much better once we did it and by the time she was 2 years we were able to just tuck her in and say goodnight and leave the room, no tears or anything.
Interestingly, with regards the whole childproofing thing she would never crawl or get out of bed, just cry/call for us. It's only now that she is nearly 3 that she gets out of bed to come and find us. The only furniture she has is one of those ikea shelves that are 3 squares and are flush to the floor and ikea Trofast storage. She can't pull it over.

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