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Co-sleeping baby has started crawling around the bed... help!

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badg3r Wed 29-Jul-15 00:05:19

Till now my seven month old has breastfed to sleep in our bed then I've got up and carried on with the evening, and snuggled up next to him when I go to bed for the night. Except tonight he'd shuffled half way down the bed when I checked on him! Any tips on keeping him safe? He has never slept in his cot (although he thinks it's a fun playpen... wink )

Acorncat Wed 29-Jul-15 15:59:48

I put the mattress on the floor and have a video monitor. I leave him to shuffle about (in his sleep) but move him if he gets to close to the edge. When I'm sleeping i sleep on the outside so he has to stay on the bed. Can't think of any other solution but I'm hoping it's something they grow out of!

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