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10 mo wakes at 5am with rumbly tummy - dream feed? Morning feed? Help!!!

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Babypythagorus Mon 27-Jul-15 06:55:59

Hi all,

We've done some pretty good work gradually retreating, and have got DD from waking every 45 mins to sleeping 7-5am, which I'm eternally grateful for - I know some don't have this! But of course, as with anything, when you sort one thing the next becomes unbearable smile so any advice for getting a slightly later start?

She has tea at 6 (tho never eats much, she's little for her age) and milk before bed at 7, and wakes at 5am with tummy grumbles. If I feed her then she's up for the day, and I'm nervous about feeds then going back to bed as I'm worried she'll start night waking again if she thinks there's food on offer...

Help please!

paula93 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:54:46

No advice I'm afraid but watching with interest as I seem to be in a similar situation with my 11mo dd

MoominaMama Mon 27-Jul-15 14:08:43

We had a 5am waker and the only thing that worked was to limit his morning nap to 1 hour maximum and to delay his morning nap so start not earlier than 3 hours after you would like them waking up.

So, I wanted DS to be waking at 6am so I made sure he didnt nap until 9am and always wake him an hour later. He would sleep longer if I let him. I think its something to do with the fact that he was catching up on sleep in his morning nap and this meant thse early wake ups were never going away. He is 11 months now and wakes sometime between 6 and 7am after 11 hours solid sleep.

FATEdestiny Mon 27-Jul-15 20:06:30

10 hours sleep at night is not unreasonable. I would try shifting from 7pm-5am to 8pm-6am

What about giving supper? It might mean a slight re-jig of meal times but moving tea earlier (5pm?), fitting supper in at 7pm ish (something like porridge or cereal or toast) and then milk feed at bedtime a tad later.

I also find my 10mo to be more thirsty in the afternoons compared to mornings.

She will drink an entire beaker full (which is 300ml I think) after dinner. Plus then also has her milk at bedtime, not long afterwards

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